Best self prostate massage is feasible for the patients?

“At home, self prostate massage may be the treatment of chronic prostatitis.”

Many patients said . Best self prostate massage can be done at home?

Best self-massage prostate for the treatment of chronic prostatitis does have a certain effect, but not everyone can afford it, if with the blind massage, maybe it will add to illness.

Prostate massage therapy is through regular prostate massage, to drainage of prostate fluid, Discharge inflammatory substances to achieve the lifting of the prostate secretion of fluid accumulation, Improve local blood circulation, promote inflammation absorbed and dissipated as a complementary therapy.

Because most patients with chronic prostatitis have old, small, middle-aged ,with a bunch of Shier, taking the time to go to the hospital with a week specialized massage for many patients, not realistic.

So some of the patients are with self-massage at home.

In fact, for prostate body plump, soft, discharge more patients, self-massage is regarded as a simple and effective method.

However, the following situations would be inappropriate massage:

Suspected of being prostate tuberculosis, cancer patients; acute exacerbation of chronic prostatitis; prostate atrophy or sclerosis.

In self-massage , it should be noted, found that if with prostate tenderness evident capsule sexy increase, we must promptly to the hospital.

The Prostate Self Massage therapy is just an adjunct treatment, can not completely replace other therapies.

After massage if patients with immediately urination, which can survive in inflammatory secretions of the urethra with urine.

Massage is more meticulous and for the accuracy of the strength and position, if these two are not in place, efficacy obviously will be much less. Patients who is with self-massage should be with doctors to communicate adequately.

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