Best Places to Visit in New South Wales, Australia

New South Wales is known as the site of the oldest European settlements, the most populated state and the largest city. It is also known to have the most diverse state in Australia particularly because of its diverse landscape – from beaches to forests, the city and the countryside – you will see a little bit of all of this in New South Wales.

Sydney, Australia serves as the entry point of most visitors who find the cultural and cosmopolitan vibrancy of the area overwhelming. From here, visitors can go off to different destinations -to the wooded camps in the Blue Mountains to the outback beyond, the National Parks and the farming country, to the enchanting beaches of the north, the forests and the historical rural towns of the south – New South Wales has something to offer for every taste. We have many More Australia Vacation┬áInformation, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.

Sydney Harbour, is of course one of the best places you can visit in Australia, with its wonderful seascapes and the iconic Opera House which stands as the symbol for the country. Then there’s the Harbor Bridge and the Rocks, the home of the oldest buildings in Australia. If you want to test the sun of Sydney, you can pay a visit to the northern ocean beaches such as Bondi Beach, Bronte and Tamarama.

Those who want to pay homage to nature Australia is the perfect location to experience the great outdoors. New South Wales’ Royal National Park is considered as the oldest national park in the world. On the immediate west of Sydney one can find the Blue Mountain, named for the color of the eucalyptus tree seen at a distance.

Australia is also known for its wines especially those produced in the Hunt er Valley, located northwest of Sydney and is considered as New South Wales’ premier wine growing region. The area also has the best food so if you don’t want to miss the gourmet experience, make sure to reserve for one of the vacation homes in Australia.

Another popular destination in Australia is the blissful Byron Bay. Here, you can chill out with your loved ones while you whale watch, practice yoga or to simply watch beautiful people walking at the beach. A visit to the Byron Bay requires more than a day so you had best find vacation homes in New South Wales so you can explore the base of Cape Byron and watch the marvelous sunset. The nearby communities also offer villas which are perfect for those who are looking for a health retreat.

430 miles off the coast of Sydney one will find the Lord Howe Island which remains pristine and peaceful because they only allow 400 visitors at any one time. Walking and biking are the top modes of transportation. Its often empty beaches are the perfect romantic getaway. We have many More Australia Vacation Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.