Best Lower Abdominal Workout For An Abs Six Pack

That’s right 10 minutes a day is all it takes to get a great abs six pack with our best lower abdominal workout. Our abdominal workout combined with a good high protein low carb diet with 15 minutes cardiovascular workout on alternate days will shed all that unwanted belly fat. You don’t need a gym just a level floor. Variety is the key to a abs six pack, you need to work those abs from all angles at differing speeds. This following routine is designed to specifically with these facts in mind. We have many more Abs Workout Routine Articles Now Available.

The Essential Warm-up

Warming up prior to every weight training session is an absolute must and should never be missed. The warming up phase increases blood circulation and gently prepares and stretches the muscles tendons and ligaments in a controlled fashion prior to the main body of the workout. All of this means that once you have warmed up your muscles you will be able to lift heavier weights than from cold without the risk of injuries. Its time to develop that abs six pack.

Exercise 1 Ab Blasting Crunch

OK we have all done regular crunches, but now its time to really blast your abs, try this advanced ab exercise.

Lie on the floor in the Crunch position, knees bent, hands over ears, or resting on the back of the head.

Now, crunch up approximately 10 inches, holding the contraction for 6 seconds. In this fully contracted position, the key is to really squeeze your abs together hard. Imagine pushing your upper abs into your lower abs and vice-versa (like an accordion coming together).Then return to the starting position as slow as possible keeping those abs tensed it should take about 4 seconds.Now repeat the crunch maintaining as much continuous tension on the abs as possible. Forget the amount of reps go for quality. When you can not do anymore have a 20 second rest no longer then do as many normal crunches as possible

Exercise 2 Hanging Leg Raises

Hanging Leg Raises are an excellent intense movement for blasting those hard get lower abs. OK but it is imperative that you do them so lets get started

Start by hanging from a lat chin up bar, hands shoulder width apart, arms fully extended.Keeping your knees together but slightly bent raise your legs by abdominal power only do not swing, raise until your feet are about level with your waist and hold, contract the abs for 5 seconds before lowering in a controlled fashion tensing the abs as you do so to the starting point and repeat. Do at least 12 reps. We have many more Abs Workout Routine Articles Now Available.

Exercise 3 Pulley Rope Crunch

Here’s a great finisher for that abs six pack.

With the rope attached to the high pulley on the cable machine, grab one end of it with both hands. Pull the rope down so that you are kneeling on the floor with your hands positioned just above your head, ensure that your hands stay firmly locked in this position.Now pull down bending forward at the waist all the way to the floor. Use all ab power to pull down no swinging hold the bottom position and tense those abs return up slowly still tensing as you do so. Repeat the movement for at least 12 reps

Perform this best lower abdominal workout everyday and you will soon have that abs six pack you so desire.