Best Island to Visit in The Azores

Many people ask which me which is the best of the Azores Islands. The best answer is: “it depends”. It depends on what you want to do and see on your trip to this remote Archipelago. Each island has its own unique features and character.

Most people go to the island of Sao Miguel or Terceira on their first trip to the Acores. They each have a little bit of everything. From beaches, to mountainous terrain, to hot springs, to beautiful landscapes, to small fishing ports right up to capital cities with all the amenities you would require. Terceira hosts an American Airbase, so it is many people’s first exposure to the Azores. And most flights to the Acores go to Ponta Delgada in Sao Miguel. So that is the logical choice for many first time travellers. You will not miss out by going to either of these islands. In fact, either of them are probably your best choice for a first trip. We have many More Portugal Vacation¬†Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

The islands of Pico and Faial are also good choices for a first trip to the islands. They are close together (only 6km), and there is a ferry running several times a day all year long, so it is easy to see both islands. Pico is a popular choice because of its mountain, the tallest in all of Portugal. And Faial features the historic city of Horta, as well as Capelinhos, the site of the last volcanic eruption in the Azores.

During the summer, Santa Maria, is accessible from Sao Miguel by way of ferry. A good idea to see Santa Maria is take a ferry there from Sao Miguel and stay for a few days time

Graciosa and Sao Jorge are close to Faial and Pico, as well as Terceira (which is a little further). These five islands are the central group and during the summer months there is a ferry service making access much easier.

Flights between the Azores Islands are widely available at any time of year. Sao Miguel and Terceira both have many flights in and out daily. If you go to either of these islands and want to check out other islands during your stay that is possible.

All in all, Sao Miguel would be my first recommendation, with Terceira second. I am sure you will want to go back time and time again and will be able to visit all of the islands. We have many More Europe Tourist Destinations Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

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