Best Caribbean Vacations

Considering a Caribbean vacation? Well, you may have read that the Caribbean islands are all much the same; but that’s only true if you are looking for a packaged cookie cutter holiday with hamburger dinners, pina coladas on manicured beaches, and rows of plastic tanning chairs under neatly pruned palm trees. Which are all great, if that’s what you seek. In which case, any tropical destination will do, it doesn’t have to be in the Caribbean.

In E. M. Foster’s book “Room with a View”, one of the characters says, “We’re in Italy to see Italy, not to meet Italians”. What a shortsighted way to travel?

But you are not a typical tourist, are you?

You are the better-informed traveler who prefers to immerse herself in the culture. You are looking for a little adventure and spice, and you are in search of a truly special Caribbean vacation. An authentic Caribbean experience that screams calypso, one that will stimulate your imagination, offer new and exciting experiences, and leave you renewed and rejuvenated. We have many more Caribbean Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

Where do you find such an island, such an experience?

Here’s what we tell our friends: Look for the source of all that’s Caribbean.

Look for a Caribbean nation whose rich natural resources have allowed it to resist the temptation to become a tourist haven. An island where the raw talent and ingenuity of its people created a musical instrument from discarded oil drums, an instrument that has become synonymous not only with the Caribbean, but with all tropical islands, and tropical island vacations. Seek out the island that created Soca, the new sound of the Caribbean, a sound that will have your feet jumping.

Look for an island who’s unique history fostered the development of the regions greatest Carnival celebration, the one by which all others are judged. Choose an island with the richest and most exciting food culture in the Caribbean, where you can and will experience an extraordinary gastronomical journey. Seek islands with sufficient diversity of beaches to provide something new every day.

Seek a nation that is the premiere Caribbean eco tour destination, offering one of the densest biota in the world, with a startling variety of South American bird and wildlife. Twin islands that provide great hiking and trekking opportunities, numerous caves and waterfalls worthy of exploration, birding opportunities to numerous to mention, wetland and sea kayaking tours, the oldest nature reserve the New World, encounters with the West Indian Manatee, and leatherback turtle watching, in addition to a wide selection of undersea adventures.

Stimulate all your senses; choose an amazing adventure in Trinidad and Tobago for your next vacation. This is where you’ll find the authentic Caribbean, and one of the most fulfilling and rewarding vacation experiences available. We have many more Caribbean Vacation¬†Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

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