Best Biceps Workouts and Exercises

I see a lot of people in the GYM working daily on their arms. That means doing biceps and triceps exercises without any concentration on the muscle they are doing – Lifting too much weight that their muscle can handle. Doing exercises the way they should not and that leads to slower progress on muscle raising and strength gaining. Are you one of them? Then read on to see what things you need to be careful on and which biceps workouts and exercises are the best to go for at the beginning!

First when deciding that you want a bigger biceps you need to follow some tips, no matter if you are a women or men, or if you do not even go to the GYM, you do home based workouts. The first part to follow is the nutrition. You should have an ideal nutrition that means enough proteins and not too many carbs and fat food. Your muscles need proteins to grow (I recommend a lot of meat and whey supplement). Second you need to work on your biceps 1-2 times per week, it is enough trust me! Third is that you work on other muscles of your body. The ones I recommend the most are chest, legs and back. The best exercises to help you gaining faster biceps muscle are squats and dead lift!

As I said you should work 1-2 times per week in GYM or at home to get stronger, bigger biceps. Here are the best biceps workouts and exercises that you should follow first week. Second week you need to change the workouts to get faster results, that is important!

  1. Barbell Curl or Dumbbell Curl – The very basic exercise for your biceps. Sometimes is best to put on lower weights and more concentrate on your muscle, also do more lifts than usual. Try to lower your shoulders when doing it and not trying to help your lifting with swinging your body forward and back!
  2. Chip-Up – You need to have the strength to lift your body up to 10 times. If you can not, that means you are not strong enough for your body weight. Practice it!
  3. Incline Dumbbell Curl – The exercise that makes wonders, trust me! Usually I add in each routine an half routine that means I do 12 lifts, then I have a 8 seconds brake and I do another 6 lifts. I do 3 routines in that exercise, try it!
  4. Concentration Curl – I do that exercise every time on the end of the day. That means putting on really low weight and trying to concentrate only on biceps when lifting dumbbell. Do lifts slowly and concentrated!