Best Bicep Workout Routines

Benefits To Bicep Workouts

Doing bicep specific workouts is a great way to give your arms an incredible amount of strength and endurance, while also giving them an attractive look. By targeting muscles specifically you can effectively make sure you get the most out of each workout and that there is no wasted energy.

Top Bicep Workouts

Curls are your best friend if wanting to gain upper body strength through bicep workouts, most curls will target your biceps mainly and build them up quick! The best thing about curls is they are good for achieving whatever goal it is you want to accomplish, whether that be lean muscle with endurance or muscle mass for strength. Bicep workouts for tight lean muscles will focus mostly on dumbbell curls, by getting lower weight and doing lots and lots of reps your biceps will tighten up and gain an incredible amount of endurance, in no time at all you’ll notice yourself doing many more reps than you could when you first started your workout routines.

For building mass and strength with your bicep workouts, you want to focus on low reps and high weight this will tear your muscles apart quick allowing them to be repaired back bigger and stronger than before. Standing curls are amazing for this, standing curls are performed with a barbell. You want to place your hands at shoulder-width and then with your elbows about an inch from your side begin to curl towards your chest. Once it reaches your chest hold it in flex for a moment before slowly lowering it back down and then repeat.

Basic Bicep Exercise Info

When working your biceps try to be sure and not keep your arms at a 30 degree angle or lower for an extended period of time. This will put pressure onto your joints and may cause injury over time. Don’t worry though, when lifting your arms will often be at that angle while lifting, just try not to make it a practice to hold it there and you’ll be fine.

Don’t push your arms too hard, it’s great when you start working about but you should be cautious until you become used to your workout, you want to avoid injury because that could knock you out of commission for possibly weeks.

Your biceps regenerate very quickly, you can often do a good workout 3 to 4 times a week on your arms which is great because of how much progress they can make after each workout, especially when a proper diet is involved. An important thing to remember is to try and get protein and carbs immediately following your workout as it will allow your body to begin repairing and get the very most from your bicep workouts.