Best Assignment Editor Resume

Assignment editor is  a position in the field of journalism. These editors work either at newspaper offices, radio or television stations. They have to select, develop and plan the assignments. These assignments are either news events or feature stories that are covered by reporters. If you wish to work as an assignment editor, you need an assignment editor resume describing all the necessary skills and qualities required for the position. You can also refer the sample assignment editor resume and draft a job winning CV for you.

Job Description for Assignment Editor

Following are the major job duties of an assignment editor –

  • Supervising the activities in the television or radio station
  • Maintaining contact with the outside news agencies and other news sources to get information for developing a news item
  • Originate and approve idea for the news assignment
  • Determine the priority and assign the coverage to the news units
  • Editing the news copy to ensure the elimination of the disrespectful statements
  • Interacts with the reporters on the assignments

Necessary Qualifications

For working as an assignment editor, it is important to have at least one year of experience working for any particular news agency. They must have excellent knowledge of the society they are working in. In small newspaper agencies, the role of assignment editors is combined with the other job duties like assigning the stories to the reporters and laying out the pages.

Following is an assignment editor resume example to help you write the resume for this position:

Sample Resume

Contact Details

Anthony Bush

Washington, USA

Career Objective

Highly experienced and trained assignment editor seeking the position of an assignment editor to utilize the extensive knowledge of editing and interaction skills in favor of the organization to attain personal and professional growth

Key Strengths

  • Familiar with the knowledge of TV show production
  • Detailed knowledge of the journalism standards and practices
  • Broad knowledge in gathering, developing and organizing the news item
  • Expert in selecting the stories and updating the current news events

Employment History

Supreme Television, Washington

DurationAugust 2006 till date

Designation – Assignment Editor

Job Duties

  • Monitored and synchronized the activities of television news
  • Maintained contacts with the outside news agencies to obtain information to develop a news item
  • Determined priority and assigned coverage to the news units
  • Checked the authenticity of the news articles before publishing them

Educational Summary

Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, 2009

University of Columbia, USA

Personal Details

Date of Birth – 15th October 1980

Nationality – American

Gender – Male

Marital Status – Married

From the above sample of the assignment editor resume, you will get detailed idea on how to write this type of job application. Do not copy the details as it is, refer the sample and design your own CV. 

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