Best Anti Aging Skin Products: Does Anti Aging Makeup Work?

Can even the best anti aging skin products reverse aging? There sure is a lot of anti aging makeup out there. It is not just a question of buying a good moisturizer any more. There is antiaging foundation cream and even antiaging lipstick. But do they work?

It is important to remember that the FDA does not have to approve the claims of anti aging makeup products. Makeup is not a food or a drug. It has to abide by advertising law but it is easier to do this than to convince the FDA that the products really have antiaging properties.

It is very common for the best anti aging skin products to contain antioxidants. If they advertise this it must be true. But it is not like food labeling. They do not have to display how much of the anti aging ingredients are in there. It may only be a tiny amount.

Moisturizers and anti wrinkle creams use good anti aging ingredients that have been tested and found to help. But these ingredients have been tested in a greasy medium and that is where they work best. So anti aging skin creams can be very effective. Your skin would quickly become dry and more wrinkled if you stopped using a moisturizer.

But makeup is a different matter. It often has a drying effect because it is formulated to hide shiny, oily patches on the skin. Therefore it is not a greasy medium and the anti aging ingredients may not be so effective. Probably, anti aging makeup would not dry the skin as much as regular makeup products. But will it really make you look younger?

It pays to be a little skeptical about anti aging makeup. You might want to choose antiaging cosmetics over regular because they are less likely to dry your skin. But do not stop using your moisturizing and anti wrinkle creams. Antiaging cosmetics cannot replace a good moisturizer.

If you want to use makeup to reverse the signs of aging, a good way is simply to update your cosmetics. Using colors and styles from ten years ago is sure to make you look older. So throw out anything you have used a long time and replace it from a newer, stylish range.

At the same time, why not learn a new way to apply your makeup? Cosmetics, used right, can be almost as effective as a facelift. A makeover session with a professional who will teach you what to do, can be better than any amount of anti aging makeup.

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