Best Anti-Aging Skin Creams

What company makes the best anti-aging skin creams? First, let me explain what goes into an effective anti-aging skin cream.

We know a lot about the human body, but of course, there are still a lot of things that we don’t understand. It seems that everything is about balance, so the best anti-aging skin creams help to maintain that balance, rather than disrupting it.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. That’s something that we learn early on in chemistry class. So, when it comes to an anti-aging skin cream, researchers have to understand what processes are going on and how an ingredient will affect those processes.

Your skin’s cells are composed of a complex mesh of amino acid proteins woven together in straight lines to form fibers. These fibers are called collagen and elastin. All animals have these amino acids, proteins and fibers, so some companies claim to have the best anti-aging skin creams, because they include some animal’s collagen or something similar.

It is true that as time goes by our bodies produce fewer and fewer new cells, so the production of new fibers is diminished. The skin becomes thinner and begins to sag, because it loses its elasticity. Damage cannot be repaired quickly, so wrinkles begin to appear, but what can an anti-aging skin cream do to change this process?

The balance that we need to maintain in this case has to do with those proteins. When we are young, the levels of proteins in the skin are measurably higher than as we age, much higher, actually. Since we need those proteins to build new cells, the best anti-aging skin creams should return the balance to that of a younger person.

How can this be accomplished? First companies thought to include amino acid proteins in an anti-aging skin cream. The problem is that the amino acids used must be compatible with that of human skin.

The two most important ones, when it comes to skin-cell production, are keratin and hyaluronic acid. So, you might think that the best anti-aging skin creams contain the two. That seems logical.

It’s just that the average anti-aging skin cream on the market contains a type of keratin that cannot be used by the human body, because it is not close enough to our natural keratin. Only one company that I know of has the right composition and they call it “Functional Keratin”.

When it comes to hyaluronic acid, it is actually increased levels of hyaluronaise that causes the outward signs of aging. That’s an enzyme that destroys the amino acid. So, the best anti-aging skin creams contain a substance that blocks hyaluronaise.

Researchers found the right compound for this purpose in a type of kelp that grows in the Sea of Japan. It’s called wakame. Clinical research has shown that when used as an anti-aging skin cream, it returns the skin’s level of hyaluronic acid to that of a much younger person.

The very best anti-aging skin creams contain both Functional Keratin and wakame, so they allow the skin’s natural balance to be maintained. You won’t find these ingredients at department store cosmetic counters, so you’ll have to make a little effort to find them. But, if you want your face to look healthier and younger, it’s worth the effort.