Best Abs Workout for Women

There is no doubt that for many women their mid section is something they tirelessly are working to keep fit and trim. Women have challenges that men do not have that make it sometimes quite hard to lose weight in the stomach area.

It is not impossible, though, for a woman to get a trim mid section and develop a six pack. Women can have six pack abs with the right diet and workout. It may take longer than it would for a man but it will happen with determination and hard work.

Challenge for Women

Women face some great challenges to keeping their stomach flat. Pregnancy is a bug hurdle. When a woman gets pregnant their stomach muscles move and the mid section is stretched to the limit. It creates a challenge to get those muscles back in shape and the skin tight and toned.

Women also have a higher percentage of body fat than men do. This is a natural thing that allows a woman to properly nurture a baby when pregnant. It also makes it harder for women to lose weight.

Hormones also make losing weight harder for women. Fluctuating hormone levels happen all month long for the entire lifetime and can be quite a challenge when it comes to losing weight.

Women also have less muscle then men. This is another natural occurrence. It does not mean women can not build muscle, just that women have less muscle naturally, so they burn fewer calories than men.

These challenges do not mean women can not lose weight, though. They just mean a woman has to understand that she can not compare herself to men and that she has to workout differently than a man to get results.

Get Results

For a woman to overcome challenges she has to be focused. It involves following all the rules of losing weight. A woman has to cut out sugar, fat and salt from her diet. She should eat five to six meals a day with a fair amount of lean protein and a good balance of foods form all the food groups.

As for exercising the best abs workout for a woman is similar to a mans. She should workout aerobically three times a week with alternating days focused on strength training. She should include exercises that work the whole core area, such as crunches and the plank.

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