Best Abs Workout for Fast Results

Everyone wants fats results when they start working out. Most people will lose steam if after a few weeks working their bodies they see no results. That is disappointed and keeping motivated is hard.

The best abs workout for fast results involves some conscious effort on your part and a little bit of challenging your body. The work is worth it, though, you should see results in a short period of time.

Exercise All the Time

You should be working your abs all the time. This does not mean renting a room at the gym. What this means is you need to learn some simple exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime.

The pelvic tilt is something you can do while sitting at your desk at work. All you do is squeeze your abs in and tilt your pelvis. It is a small, but effective move.

You should also walk and sit with good posture. This also engages your abs and helps work them with little effort.

These small things add up quickly and will boost your efforts.

Kick it Up

If you are just doing simple crunches and waiting around for results then keep waiting. If you want results fast then you need to kick it up. Add cardio and weights to your workout. Push your body to the limit.

Your workouts should challenge you every time you do them. Never wimp out and just do the minimum. Keep pushing yourself and your body. Work out hard and work out for those results. You will see them faster once you start boosting your cardio and adding weights to make it more challenging.


You can not expect exercise alone to get you the abs of your dreams. If you want to see results right now then you have to start being conscious of what you are putting in your body. Cut out the sugar, the fat, the salt and the carbs.

You do not have to give up everything, just be aware of what you are eating and drinking. If it offers you nothing of value then do not eat it. If you slip and have that candy bar then let it go and get back on track. Do not dwell on mistakes; let them roll off your back. Stop wasting your time on foods that are not helping you reach your goal and you will start to see results fast.

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