Best Ab Workout – Secrets for Getting a Six Pack

Are you looking for the best ab workout to get a killer set of six pack abs? If so, you have come to the right place.

You will learn some of the secrets which will help you achieve the best ab workout you’ve ever had. Seeing pictures of exercises are pointless unless you understand the mechanics involved with a great ab workout. We have many more Abs Workout Routine Articles Now Available.

Of course, it is a good idea for you to check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program because nothing is more important than your safety.

Top 2 Tips for the Best Ab Workout

1. Don’t work your abs like the other muscle groups.

If you are going to try to get your biceps in better shape, you are likely to try doing bicep curls for 3 sets of 10, then hammer curls for 3 sets or 10, then band curls for 3 sets of 10, etc. While doing this, you are using moderately heavy weight and resting for at least 45 seconds between each set. If you are training your biceps, this type of workout is great. But, this may not be the best approach when working your abs.

Physiologically, you abs are unlike any other muscle in the body. You will not get “big abs” by doing exercises that involve doing 3 heavy sets of 10 reps. Instead, it is better to work your abs using a circuit of different exercises that alternate between working your upper abs, lower abs, and obliques.

So, don’t go to the gym and do 3 sets of 1 ab exercise, then rest and do it all over again. If you practice circuit training with your abs in the right order, you will find your abs workouts are better than ever.

2. Nutrition is absolutely crucial.

I seriously doubt that anyone tries to find the best ab workout around but doesn’t care if they actually get a slim sexy waistline.

In order to see your abs start to become defined, you need to have a low body fat percentage. Having a low body fat percentage is the corner stone for seeing the best results from an ab workout.

You also need to understand how your body loses fat. This comes from raising your metabolism and and creating a caloric defect in your diet. For example, if you cut back your daily calories by 500 per day, at the end of a 1 week you will have lose 1 lb.

You can have the best ab workout in the world, but if diet is not conducive to losing body fat you will not notice any changes at all.

So in conclusion, having a diet that is geared towards fat loss is the deciding factor in whether those abs will be slim and sexy or fat and flabby. Also remember, the best way to have a great ab workout is to do a sequential number of exercises that alternate between your upper abs, lower abs, and obliques.

I could write down a bunch of ab exercises, but there is a 99{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5} chance that you will not do them unless you see pictures. If you are serious about really working your abs, check out the links below.

Have fun and good luck! =)

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