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The city of Berlin, Germany is built around the River Spree in Bundesland, the federal state of Brandenburg. Berlin is Germany’s capital city and has undergone enormous changes in the past 100 years. No longer divided, this city is now a thriving, modern and exciting destination, welcoming tourists and business visitors alike. Since World War II, the city has emerged from the past and undergone the biggest construction project in Europe.

Much of Berlin has been rebuilt, restored or rejuvenated and there is some wonderful architecture, both old and new, standing side by side. Many come here for the exceptional nightlife alone, while others prefer the tourism aspect offered by the city. Those who choose to sightsee by day will discover that many of Berlin’s landmarks come with their very own observation decks, such as the Reichstag (the German Parliament Building), the Europa Center on the Zoologischer Garten, the Kollhoff Tower on the Potsdamer Platz, the Siegess√§ule (Victory Column) in the Tiergarten area, and the Fernsehturm on the Alexanderplatz, the latter of which is a television tower and the tallest structure in the city, boasting a revolving restaurant.

Berlin Tourismus Marketing operates three official tourist information centres in the city, with multi-lingual staff on hand to answer your questions and dispense advice. These are located at the Brandenburg Gate, on the Budapester Strasse, and on Alexanderplatz.

You could also go to your local library and find information by either checking out a book on Berlin or you can try checking out a German travel guide. Many people choose to get a book just so they can get some more information, but you might only want to do that if you have enough time. Reading a book instead of a travel guide is also for people who want more knowledge. The book will go more in detail, and it might even have more information on Berlin such as when it was founded. We have many More Europe Travel Destinations Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

Berlin offers dishes from every country so if you love to try new things, then you would want to hit the restaurants. They have this restaurant that you have to go eat at once you travel there. It’s called the Berlin Television Tower, and it’s amazing. You’ll be able to sit in a tower like restaurant at the very top and be able to see the city of Berlin. It’s a rotating restaurant so don’t feel discouraged if you can only see the water or if you’re only looking at one thing because you’ll be able to see the entire city while you eat.

Obviously their are more restaurants that you also don’t want to miss out on while you’re there, but the thing about taking Germany travel advice from someone who has already been there before they will be able to tell you the places that you have to go to the first time around, and they will also be able to tell you about the other places you have to go see but could wait until the next time you go because it’s pretty impossible to see everything and do everything their is in Berlin unless you’re staying there for the whole summer. We have many More Best Travel Destinations¬†Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

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