Benefits of High Intensity Cardio Exercise

Do you have a busy schedule that doesn’t allow you to go to the gym regularly? High Intensity Cardio (HIC) may be the solution you have been looking for. You will be able to complete a workout session in 5 minutes or less, and get in shape fast.

High Intensity Cardio is a type of workout that alternates between periods of peak activity with cycles of less-intense action, or even complete inactivity. This type of workout has many benefits. We have many more Cardio Workout Routine Articles Now Available.

#1. – It works

Studies demonstrate that High Intensity Cardio will help you achieve results 3 times faster than endurance training (less-intense activity for longer periods of time).

With regular cardio you only burn calories when you’re doing it. On the other hand, HIC stimulate your body’s repair mechanisms and helps you burn calories in the 24 hours after a workout session.

#2. – You don’t need expensive equipment

Remember, our goal is to make our heart beat to its max. And you don’t need to go to the GYM or buy any type of expensive piece of equipment to achieve that. Jumping or running will be enough to help you get results.

#3. – You won’t lose muscle

HIC will help you lose weight from the right places. Regular cardio workouts promote muscle loss, as opposed to HIC that will make you burn calories mainly from your fat deposits.

#4. – Marathon runners Vs. Sprinters.

I compared photographs of marathon runners and sprinters and I made my mind in 5 seconds. I wanted to get Usain’s Bolt body type, I didn’t want to look like Gezahegne Abera. Sprinters have a thinner and powerfully built look compared to marathon runners, who have small shapes.

#5. – It fits your schedule

Think about it, getting a good workout for the amount of time it gets you to wash your car. Don’t you think it will be a lot easier for you to be consistent and achieve the results you desire? There are no excuses, if you really want, you will get in shape.

Stay motivated and soon you will have the best physical shape of your life. Simple things work, and they are able to stand the test of time.

When you are trying to find a method that will help you get in shape remember it has to be an easy to follow system. If you feel overwhelmed and stressed look for a new strategy.

If you keep it simple your mindset will be on the right place and you will see results fast. We have many more Cardio Workout Routine Articles Now Available.