Benefits of Creating & Sending Email Nutrition Newsletters

People nowadays are extremely conscious about their health. They are always looking for ways to improve their health and be informed about nutrition tips. As a registered nutritionist or a fitness coach, sending a regular nutrition newsletter to your clients is the best way to be in touch with them.  


An email health newsletter marketing allows dietitians to bring health advice directly to the clients’ inbox and make them become aware of the health news and information you have to offer. Newsletter marketing has become an extremely beneficial marketing tool today for health professionals and other businesses to maintain contact with their existing and potential customers. Especially attracting and retaining prospective customers is a challenge.


A newsletter campaign is a cost-effective and a powerful marketing medium to establish relationships and acquire new customers. For health professionals, email nutrition newsletters that directly reach the inbox of the target audience go a long way in raising brand loyalty, directly marketing products and services and increasing sales.


Let’s look at some of the advantages of creating and sending customized nutrition newsletters:


Boost awareness and brand recognition

In a compelling newsletter, you can highlight a product, explain its features and benefits and make your readers curious to know more about your product. The motive is to entice more buyers and build brand recognition. Adding an incentive such as a coupon, discount or a special promotion further compel readers to take action.


Build client loyalty
People do not have a long time to read or explore. You need to grab their attention with catchy content on the go. Build an informative newsletter that your readers will enjoy reading. For instance, for a nutrition newsletter, create relevant content and articles on nutrition, weight management, mindful eating, healthy living, eating disorders and so on.


Heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol are some of the common ailments affecting people today, all thanks to the sedentary lifestyles and high stress levels. Your readers are always on the lookout for ways to identify and prevent such risk factors. When you provide your health-conscious readers with a newsletter containing enriching and valuable information, it would go a long way in building client loyalty for your business. That’s not all! Make your nutrition newsletter interesting by adding delicious recipes, inspiring quotes, exercise tips and so on. The whole purpose is to make content relevant and interesting to your readers.


Boost traffic to your website

Your target audience is not going to gravitate to your website organically on its own all the time unless you have something interesting to grab their attention.


Including your site links in your company newsletter and adding a strong call to action will encourage your readers to visit website. You can always offer special deals or freebies and promote your health programs and events that further tempt your readers to visit your site for more information.


Crafting an email newsletter is easier than you think

There is no denying that crafting email newsletters require sincere dedication, time and effort. But with the right tools, creating and sending email newsletter is a cakewalk. Generally, most nutritionists and health professionals lack the time to write quality health content that engages. The solution lies in taking the help of customized newsletter content that gives access to prewritten informative nutrition articles which can be integrated seamlessly into your email newsletters. You can use professionally curated content build around health-related scientific studies, cooking demonstrations, healthful shopping ideas, fitness tips and so much more!


Sending newsletters is quick

Using an effective e-mail program such as Mail Chimp, you can send out hundreds and thousands of newsletters per hour to your selected group of audience. Moreover, you can always customize the email newsletter with your brand name, logo, business header, and color.

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