Belly Burning Fat Loss – How You Can Lose Belly Fat Effectively and Keep it Off

If you have struggled with your weight and are looking for belly burning fat loss ways then this information can help you. It is common for anyone who hates their looks and desperately wants to lose weight, to look for some “magic pill” or system that will easily burn fat and get them into shape without too much effort or heartache. And, there are plenty of those available. The disappointment is that most of these systems or medications do not work, or have limited effectiveness at best.

However, here are a few simple techniques that if you apply them, will help you achieve your goals by getting you to work smarter, not harder.

It is more about understanding how your body works. This said, you will still need to exercise and be careful about what you eat. You cannot get passed this, as our bodies were always meant to be active and eat the right foods for our needs.

Most people believe that if you work hard at the gym for about an hour at a time and do this 3-5 times a week that you will lose that fat, get fit and tone your muscles.

This would involve about 20-30 minutes of cardio exercise, and then doing some weight training to build muscle to increase fat burning.

While this is not a bad thing, the good news is that you can cut down the length of time from over an hour to 45 minutes and get better results.

Here is where the diverging schools of thought part. The body does need regular exercise especially to strengthen the cardiovascular system, and it benefits from resistance training such as weights to build and maintain your muscular frame. What is not understood or accepted is how much you need to do and how.

It is evident that the accepted practice of using the treadmill for 30 minutes or more, is not as effective as first thought. The people that are using the gym’s treadmills do not appear to be losing fat,or at any observable rate, as you would expect. They may have been going to the gym for a while and still not see the results they would like to. Now, they may still be eating the wrong kinds of foods, and other factors may contribute to their lack of fat loss, but maybe what they are doing or how they are going about it, is not the answer.

Another technique that is beginning to emerge is to use interval resistance training. The advantages are that it takes less time and has less harmful impacts on your body as can be caused by the pounding to your joints caused by exercises like running or jogging.

Your body will adapt if any exercise you do is the same all the time. That exercise then becomes the normal amount of activity the body does in a day, and it will adjust to it.

To build body strength, fitness and control your weight and shape, your body needs a challenge. As you provide that challenge, your body will rise to meet it. Obviously, there will be limits to that challenge based on your genetic makeup and there is only so far you go in getting fit and building muscle. Nevertheless, as you continue to push your body, it will continue to get stronger until it reaches that limit.

Introducing interval resistance training will help you avoid the plateau or barrier of which people talk. That plateau is when your body no longer is challenged and stops building itself bigger or stronger. In other words, your training has become an accepted part of your daily routine and it is no longer requiring extra effort.

This technique involves changing the routine, alternating several different workouts and pushing the body to its limit each time. This encourages the body to grow stronger and fitter. Keeping the rest period between exercises to no more than 30 seconds will ensure a very beneficial cardio workout at the same time and in much less time.

When your goal is belly burning fat loss, ordinary gym sessions will be less effective than interval resistance training. So incorporate the challenge that your body will rise to, and with a diet rich in fat fighting foods you will begin to see results quickly, as well as keep it off for good.

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