Beginning a Fitness Routine – Low Resistance Exercises

Starting an exercise program is very simple. The resources available to you are abundant with the easy of access to the internet, and the beginning phases of any person new to working out are not rigorous at all. However, the hard part is making your new exercise program into a routine. Many people fail at this part and give up a few weeks after starting, convincing themselves that the hardest part is over, and settling for the pity self-satisfaction of knowing that “they COULD do it if they wanted to.” 

Any new exercise program starts with a breakthrough phase. A phase dedicated to introducing your body to the exercises, workouts, and routines you expect it to do at a higher level in the future. This phase is simple, to the point, short and tedious. This phase and the following phase is dedicated to low impact exercises. These are the kind of exercises that allow your body to move through the motions without harming or straining any muscles or joints. Rubber bans, cable machines, and body weight workouts all contribute to low impact exercises. The most important issue around starting an exercise program is not wearing yourself down. The initial stage of starting a fitness program is not meant to burn you out, but to prepare you. Remember this and your future workouts will be extremely more effective. As I said before, low stress exercises are the basis of starting any new fitness program, for most of this stage it won’t feel like you are working out at all. 

All workouts are based around quality, not quantity. And starting a fitness program with low stress exercises is the best and ideal way to allow your body to adjust, so you’re able to strive for both quality and quantity. Many people find the ‘initial phase’ pointless and skip it all together. For people who have been in the fitness world for a long time and workout regularly this is understandable. But for any beginners who are starting an exercise program should sacrifice the first 2-3 weeks of any program do calibrate your body. You might think you’re losing out on valuable exercise and training time, but in the long run you’ll be doing yourself, and body a HUGE favour. 

Many people argue that ‘calibrating’ or adjust your body to a workout is detrimental to any new workout routine. That is true, but not in this case. Low stress exercises are exercises that most people avoid and stay away from with any moderate/average fitness program. This means when you actually start your fitness program your body won’t, in the words of the fitness guru’s, “know what’s coming.” This allows for the concept of Muscle Confusion to still be relevant to your new workout routine. 

Just remember, starting a fitness program is the easy part, literally. This 2-3 week stage should set the tone and allow your body, both physically and mentally, to buckle in for the ride. Low resistance exercises are not exercises you’ll be using regularly unless you have body pains that restrict you to their use; so this stage fits perfectly into any fitness routine.

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