Beer Belly Busting Exercises

Men everywhere dread the day that they look down and notice it – a beer belly. Whether you actually drink beer or not, as you age fat will deposit in your abdominal region. These fat deposits cause the “beer belly” to appear. Your waistline increases, your pot belly gets bigger, and your self esteem goes straight down the toilet. Burn fat today with these beer belly busting exercise tips.

Beer Belly Busting Exercises:

First and foremost, you need to know that kissing your beer belly bye-bye is going to take some hard work. The only way to truly remove it forever is through diet and exercise. Your body can be toned up again with these beer belly busting exercises, but you’re going to have to work for it! We have many more Workout Routine Articles Now Available.

Cardio is Essential – If you plan to get rid of your beer gut, cardio is the way to go. A good strenuous cardio workout of at least thirty minutes daily will burn fat unbelievably fast. It is essential to perform cardio exercises if you want to bust your beer belly – otherwise, you’re just building up the muscles underneath that thick layer of fat. Any exercise that gets your blood pumping and your heart rate up will do – basketball, football, walking, running, or biking are some great ways to get started.

Add in an Ab Workout – As you begin to lose weight around your middle, begin to add in abdominal exercises to strengthen and tone your stomach muscles. Sit ups, crunches, or the ab machines at the gym are great ways to improve your muscle tone. As the fat melts away and the muscles begin to peek through, you’ll be glad you put this extra work in.

Don’t Forget Your Diet – If you truly want to lose weight and keep it off, you may need to make some dietary adjustments as well. Alcohol really does add empty calories to your daily quota, so cutting out a beer or two in the evenings could do you good. Consider drinking water, and swapping out a few of your high fat favorites for lower calorie options. Your body will thank you.

To cut the beer gut, be sure to add these beer belly blasting exercises to your daily routine. By adding thirty minutes of cardio and making some dietary adjustments, you can make a significant difference in your overall appearance. As you lose weight, throw in some ab exercises for a truly toned six pack of the non-alcoholic variety. We have many more Workout Routine Articles Now Available.