Bee Pollen Benefits For Men – For Erectile And Prostate Problems

Several radical bee pollen benefits for men are under great scrutiny. Research in China and Germany are showing positive results for men suffering prostate issues as well as erectile dysfunction. All credit can be given to the composition.of this amazing food. No other food substance has as many nutrients as this.


Seeing the great strides in research into this amazing food gives a lot of men new hope. If you are looking for a more natural way to end erectile dysfunction or the pain of a swollen prostate keep reading.


Bee pollen benefits for men start with restoration to optimum health of the entire body. The amount of nutrients that are present in amazing food helps the body perform at its best. Every vitamin needed for good health is present in this all natural food product and the benefits for men are not limited to just sexual health.


This is only the beginning of the bee pollen benefits for men. The German publication for physicians says this food use can relieve symptoms of prostate problems. These problems are generally the result of free radicals in the semen. This oxygen free radicals can burn on a cellular level. What this food does is effectively stops the burning of these cells. Taking pollen will stop the dribbling, swollen sensation and burning.


Another of the benefits for men is that it increases sperm count. This is great news for men experiencing fertility problems. The sperm is healthier and more mobile. It also increases the lifespan of the sperm which gives them a greater chance of lasting long enough to reach the egg. The reason that this food works so well is the zinc. Zinc is a very important mineral for a mans sexual health.


Research into these benefits for men have determined that it also helps with erectile dysfunction. Every organ in the body benefits from the increase in nutrition. Bee pollen has 11 enzymes,28 minerals, more than 12 vitamins including the B complex vitamins. Bee pollen benefits for men also includes mental health and increase blood flow.


The dosage of pollen for men who are trying to improve their sexual health and eliminate prostate problems is 15g or one tablespoon on a day to day basis. This is for raw granules but you can also take the capsules and pills for this purpose. When purchasing this pollen you have to be careful of the source.



Bee pollen from industrialized countries have been shown to have traces of toxins from pesticides and air pollution. We use only pure and clean product from New Zealand, the link below will redirect you to a site where you can learn more about the country and also buy the product.


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