Beauty Tips – Using Corrective Body Makeup to Hide Imperfections

For a majority of us our bodies are not perfect, and for many of us we are always finding a way to cover those imperfections which can range from moles to scars. Corrective body makeup gives us a way to hide those imperfections, making our bodies look flawless.

A cosmetic product not as widely used or well known as foundation or coverup for the face, is something called corrective body makeup. It works in much the same way as foundation or coverup, except that it is used for your hands, legs, arms, or anywhere else on your body!

Some women have scars or other imperfections on their hands that make them feel self conscious. If you have blotchy skin from too much sun exposure, flaws including age spots, bruises, varicose veins, unsightly birth marks or stretch marks, or even for a tattoo you want to cover or hide- covering up with some corrective body makeup can help you feel better about yourself and more confident.

Water Resistant

Corrective body makeup is perfect for days at the beach and even when swimming! When wearing a bathing suit, there is very little you can “hide”; but when you slather some of this product over your arms, legs, feet, hands (and belly if wearing a two piece!) you can minimize the effects of skin imperfections and create a more flawless look. Corrective body makeup is smudge and water resistant, so it will stay on even as you swim, splash with the kids or play in the sand.

Other Benefits of Corrective Body Makeup

In addition to helping you look good and feel better about yourself, the corrective body makeup products also protect your skin against harmful effects of the sun because it includes a sunscreen. As if that wasn’t enough, it also contains moisturizing ingredients and treats your body with gluconolactone, polyhydroxy acid and antioxidants.

Corrective body makeup also has a slight tinge of color to it, so it can be used for a natural looking tan- perfect when just starting out the summer season before you’ve had a chance to bronze your pale, winter skin! Just choose the shade that closest matches your skin if you don’t want to appear tanned, and choose a slightly darker shade when you are looking for that sun-kissed look.

Hiding Tattoos

Whether you love your tattoo or you regret the day you let someone brand you with a needle- you can slather on some corrective body makeup whenever you want to hide your tattoo. Perhaps you have a job interview and don’t want an obvious tattoo to create the wrong first impression; or maybe you’ve changed your mind about your tattoo and wish it never happened? Hide it with the body makeup until you have the time to have your tattoo removed!

The greatest thing about body makeup is that it would not appear as makeup at all. It blends in with the color of your skin giving it a natural look. It saves you a lot of frustration and annoyance specially when you are trying to select a trendy new outfit. The latest designs expect that you have a flawless body, when in reality probably none of us do. So corrective body is here to the rescues. The amazing thing about this is nobody would ever know that you even have an imperfection that you are trying to cover-up.

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