Beauty Tips – The Art of Blush Application

Women wear blush because it adds color, glow, and radiance to the face. It is perhaps one of the most essential elements in a woman’s makeup bag. Blush alone can enhance the delicate features of a woman’s face and bring out the best. However, if not applied properly, blush is the one face makeup that can offset the entire balance of makeup on the face. Your face is what the world sees so you don’t want to mess with it a lot. Experimentation is fine, but over doing your makeup is not a good idea. In this article we present you with various tips you can use to apply proper makeup.

Learning how to properly apply blush can make a world of difference in how you look, feel, and present yourself to the world. You will find that when done properly it is both quick and satisfying at the same time.

It is very easy to apply blush, but you must first have the right tools to do so. When you purchase powdered blush, it likely comes with a brush already. This brush is small and generally of lesser quality. It is crucial for proper blush application that you use a larger, fuller, and rounder blush brush. These can be found in any high quality brush set, it is generally the second largest brush in the set.

The first step in proper blush application is to ensure that you are choosing the right color. The blush color you choose should match the cheek color after exercising, and work with the lip color you are wearing. This color is your skins natural glow, therefore, you want your blush to match that color in close similarity. You should also think about the time of day you are wearing the color as well. Darker colors for evenings and lighter colors during daylight. Lastly, when talking about choosing the right color, take a look at your lipstick, the color of the blush you choose should be in the same general family of lipstick colors.

After choosing the right color for your skin, you now have to choose the blush type that suits you best. If you have dry skin, you might want to consider using creamy blush, this helps keep the skin moist. However, for those with oily skin, powdered blush works best.

Finally, you have chosen both the type and the color, now we can begin applying. Before you apply your blush, you should apply all of your other face makeup first. This includes eye makeup, powder, and foundation.

Now, if using powdered blush, take your blush brush and lightly put a little bit of your favorite blush color on it. You will then want to tap the brush gently to make sure that you do not have any extra powder on the brush. If you are using creamy blush, take your middle finger and get a little bit of blush.

Now you want to get in front of the mirror, put on your best smile to yourself and now you are ready to go. You start on the apple of the cheek; you will want to move the brush up the bone of the cheek, moving towards the hairline, for powdered blush. For cream blush, you start in the same spot, but instead blend as you move upwards towards your hairline.

If you have a full face, you will want the blush to be near the hairline, on the outside of the face. For those with high cheekbones, the blush should be concentrated on the center, which highlights these bones. If you want a look that is less dramatic and more natural, you can blend more blush downwards. This should give your face a more natural looking touch.

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