Beauty Tips – Repairing Damaged Hair

We sometimes get carried away with styling our hair, we might apply some extra heat or leave on that hair styling gel a bit longer which might damage our hair. Fortunately for most types of damaged hair there is a cure and it can be repaired fairly easily. But recovering does take time, its not a push button process but according to the extent of the damage It can take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks to fully recover.

We all want our hair to look its best. So we get great hair color jobs done to get just the right tone, and we get hair perms to get just the right curl, and we use relaxers, to get just the right hang. And then what do we get? Dry, brittle hair. All of the treatments we use to make our hair look great frequently have just the opposite effect, drying our hair out and leaving us with chemical-damaged, weak, frizzy messes on top of our heads. At the end of the day, your hair needs some serious care- and different conditioning treatments can do the trick.

If you’ve used hair dye, used hair relaxer, or had a perm, your hair has been exposed to chemicals that have thrown your hair’s natural moisture balance out of whack. But you can get it back on track. By understanding the level of damage to your hair, you can determine what type of treatment will restore that balance.

Start by getting yourself a really strong moisturizing daily conditioner. This will help restore moisture to your hair on a day-to-day basis, stalling further deterioration while you take more aggressive steps to undo the damage done by various chemical treatments. A good daily conditioner is the foundation of your hair’s health, but it often isn’t enough to fully restore damaged hair to health.

For many people with dry, damaged hair, a deep-conditioning agent might be necessary. Select a deep conditioner according to the level of damage your hair has sustained (many will be labeled by the source of the damage, e.g. “For Color-Treated Hair”), and the time you can allow. Depending on the product you choose, deep conditioning can take anywhere from a few minutes to a full hour, so purchase one that suits your schedule. After a normal shampoo, work about half a tablespoon of the conditioner through your hair, starting at the roots and moving down to the tips. Leave it in for the suggested amount of time, and then rinse thoroughly. Depending upon the level of damage, you may want to repeat this process several times a week at first, and cut back as your hair’s condition improves.

Finally, there are oil treatments. Warm oil treatments can make dry hair soft, sleek and supple. Apply the warm oil of your choice to your hair after shampooing, wrap it in a towel, and allow to stand for about twenty minutes. Then rinse the oil out, with a little shampoo, and enjoy healthier, happier hair.

Recovering from damaged hair is not a difficult or very time consuming process, but it takes time. During which you cannot and should not use any strong oxiders or curling irons. Keep your hair the way it is for at least 3 weeks, during which you should continue to shampoo and conditioner your hair daily. Try not to keep your hair damp and stay away from a blow drier. If you can follow through you should have your old hair back within a few weeks. And this time you will be extra careful with it.

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