Beauty Tips – Funky Hair Color

Sometimes, you don’t want to look as sophisticated as you do “fun” or “funky”. Whether you are getting all dressed up for halloween, mardi gras, new years or a rock concert- there are times when you might want to have a little fun with your hair and go out with a funky hair color that you would never be seen in otherwise!

Funky hair color can give you an opportunity to express yourself and turn yourself loose. The freedom to change the color of your hair or even dye it multicolored is great. However you will need to take a few safety precautions so that you make sure you don’t damage your hair. When applying hair color be sure to follow the instructions written on the box to the dot.

Lucky for you, there are hundreds of products on the market right now that allow you to temporarily change the color of your hair to something fun and young- like blue, pink, purple, red, yellow, orange- or even a combination of colors! Not only can you change your hair color for an evening to something wild, but there are even hair accessory products that glow in the dark- perfect for concerts and outdoor night events or Halloween!

Spray Paint Hair

No, we’re not suggesting you run out and buy spray paint at the hardware store to color your hair! There are numerous companies that offer hair spray in various colors. You just style your hair as you want it, and spray it with the colored hair spray to get the desired effect.

Colored hairspray will only last until your next shampoo, so you can really live it up with a wild color and have no regrets later!

Cream Hair Color

Some funky hair colors come in a jar and are either a cream substance or a gel. Cream hair colors are made with a lot of conditioning product as well, so it is better for your hair than many other types of coloring products. Gel hair color tends to last longer than cream.

Both cream and gel hair colors are applied using either your hands, in the same way you would shampoo your hair only you leave the product on for a specific length of time to get the results you’re after; or you can use a brush to “paint” it on.

Glow in the Dark Hair

As if having bright purple hair was crazy enough, you can also get the funky hair colors in glow in the dark versions. Change the color of your entire hair temporarily to glow in the dark for an ultra-glowing effect; or just paint on a few strands here and there for a shocking look that would be great for rock concerts and Halloween parties!

Spray on hair color should be washing off as soon as you are done. Leaving on this type of hair color for longer than required can damage your hair. Permanent hair color should be avoided if you don’t intent on looking multicolored after the weekend comes to an end. Be sure to first test out the color on a small part of your hair to see if it agrees with you, before you apply it on a larger area of your hair.

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