Beauty Tips From Anti Aging Skin Care Product Users

Have you ever wondered which anti aging skin care product a celebrity like Michelle Pfeifer or Madonna uses to keep her fantastic skin looking so good? Surely it isn’t the same kind of wrinkle cream that you see gracing the shelves of your local department store. Or is it?

More than likely the answer is no – celebrities like these superstar ladies live on their looks and talent, and they have the means to seek out the most advanced tools available to achieve younger looking skin. Currently in Hollywood vogue is the use of “designer dermatologist” brews and blends to help keep their faces on the silver screen and on magazine covers and high-end product advertising.

A hot trend in the anti aging skin care product market is the advent of “designer dermatologists” who cater to the wealthiest of clients. Offerings such as “Re Vive,” the brainchild of Dr. Gregory Bays Brown in Kentucky, promise amazing results and carry equally amazing prices that can top hundreds of dollars an ounce. The selling point is that these secret formulas are designed to exacting specifications by highly successful and respected dermatologists at the top of their field. The people that they are selling to have the need to stay at the top of their beauty game, as well as the financial means to ante up.

But celebrity women are not the only people who are concerned about retaining younger looking skin. Famous men are also starting to jump in, particularly in industries like film and television where a recognizable and appealing look is a mainstay to success. Hollywood icon Brad Pitt is purported to be a fan of Hungarian dermatologist Ernie Lazlo’s brand of cosmetic treatment, as well as the occasional celebrity spa resculpting facial.

So is it all hype? What could be in these magic potions that would make them able to demand a higher cost than your average dinner for two? Were you to be able to inspect these items you would find many familiar facial friends: amino acids, vitamins, kelp extracts, etc. – nothing too far out of the ordinary ingredient list. Then there might start to be a few surprises, like a synthetic equivalent to the epidermal growth hormone found in the saliva of your favorite household pets.

But don’t think that unusual additives are solely the purview of a designer anti aging skin care product, or that the average Josephine must be satisfied with coconut oil and lavender petals. Even the local cosmetic counter might carry a wrinkle cream made with a hint of purified snail slime if you take time to read the labels.

Nor is the quest for younger looking skin a modern endeavor. Famous beauties throughout history have been noted patrons or creators of unusual facial regimens. Cleopatra, Empress Elizabeth of Austria, and England’s Queen Victoria, were all “habitual users” of dermal treatments.

You are not alone if you find yourself craving a few less lines on your face, wrinkles on your hands, or rough edges on your elbows and feet. Depending on which anti aging skin care product you pick, you could find yourself in rarified company indeed!

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