Beauty Tips – Conditioning Your Hair Naturally

Walk down the hair supply aisle in any store and you can find an overwhelming amount of hair care products for any hair type, color, or condition. Manufacturers devote a lot of time and energy into marketing and selling their merchandise. They claim their product can do everything and anything. But are you aware their product also may contain ingredients harmful to you, your hair, and your environment? For a fraction of the cost of buying expensive, over-the-counter brands, you can make your own beauty products in the comfort of your own kitchen. This is the only way to guarantee you are using the best and safest products on your hair.

Keeping in mind the fact that your hair doesnot really react positively to strong commercial chemicals that may be used in commercial over the counter conditioners. Yes they many give your hair a temporary shine and some bounce, but using them in the long run will cause you many problems. One of the biggest problems with over the counter conditioners is that they may need to be changed every now and then as your hair might get used to and finally immune to the chemicals used in them.

Conditioners are a popular commodity in the hair-care product line. Conditioners are used to soften hair, provide shine, moisture, and essential vitamins. Conditioners help control frizz, manage curls, and rescue dry and damaged hair. Effective hair conditioners can also be made from the contents of your refrigerator and cabinets. This isn’t a joke!

Take an egg out of the tray and find some vegetable or olive oil. Crack the egg in a bowl and mix in two teaspoons of the oil. Blend the ingredients well. Saturate your hair with the mixture. Pay close attention to the ends of the hair which generally are the driest parts. Let the conditioner set in your hair for about an hour. When the time is up, rinse the mixture out of your hair with cool water then shampoo hair as you normally would.

For a deeper conditioning treatment, try mayonnaise. Before bedtime, apply enough mayonnaise to coat your entire hair. Use your hands to work the mayo through all sections. Cover your hair with plastic wrap or a shower cap. Go to sleep. When you wake up, rinse the mayonnaise out of your hair with cool water. If you rinse in warm or hot water, the mayonnaise will be increasingly difficult to rinse out as the heat will set it.

For an even deeper conditioning treatment, warm a bowl of olive oil in the microwave. Be sure it does not boil over. Let it cool to a usable temperature to touch safely and apply to your hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap and then apply a damp, hot towel over the top of the cap. The heat from the towel will help the hair to absorb the oil. Leave the oil on the hair for about an hour and then shampoo hair as usual.

Beauty really can be easy. It is also a fun journey to take trying different ideas and experiments of your own. You may try and research what particular items will affect your own hair conditions and needs. Make invention an adventure!

Conditioning your hair with homemade products may require some time and energy but they will certainly benefit your hair in the long run. Your hair certainly deserves the attention you can give it.

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