Beauty Tips – Accessorize Your Hair

For centuries, women of all nationalities have used hair accessories to style their hair. From the basic baret or ponytail holder to more elaborate combs with jewels or beads- there is no shortage of accessories available to dress up your hair and bring more attention to your lovely locks! Every woman knows how important her hair is to her beauty. Most women consider the beauty of their hair as a closely guarded secret.

Some accessories are worn better for everyday, casual wear, while others are more suitable for special ocassions and events. Typically, the more elaborate the decoration on the accessory is, the more suitable it is for an event or special outing than for your every day usage but you can make your own judgments!


Headbands are great for girls of all ages, and can be worn with both short hair and long hair styles. One of the easiest accessories to put in, a headband simply slides over the top of your head, pushing the hair back away from your face and sits securely over your head and behind your ears. They come in a variety of colors and in either hard plastic or elastic material.

Barets & Clips

Barets and clips are small items that can hold small sections of hair back from the face, or if using a larger clip, can fasten all of your hair at the nape of your neck. They can also be used to create fun hair styles when you fasten several small barets in various places around your head.

Barets and clips can be plain, just a solid color or metal material, or they can be quite elaborate and contain flowers, beads, or jewels to help dress up your hairstyle a little more.


The athletic woman’s best friend, the scrunchie is an elastic band, sometimes with extra material on it so it is “puffy” or so that it “scrunches”, and is used to pull your hair into a ponytail or bun. A quick and easy hairstyle for busy girls or those who spend a lot of time moving around and don’t want their hair to be in their face.


In addition to the standard comb that people use to pull tangles out of their hair; there are smaller objects referred to as combs that are used to fasten hair in various positions. Combs can be plain colored or might have flowers, beads or jewelry on them for interest and decoration.

If you fasten to combs together with the teeth of the comb facing one another, the hair will cascade out from between the combs and create a little ponytail effect; except with a wider base than the scrunchie provides for a completely different look. Hair tools make it possible to achieve any look!

The accessories that you choose to use on your hair should ensure it does not stop the air from reaching your scalp; it should not be very tight and should ensure that it doesn’t damage your hair in anyway. The accessories shouldn’t be sharp so it doesn’t wound your scalp. Be sure to only use material that agree with your skin and don’t cause any form of rash on your scalp.

Accessories can beautify the look of your hair and should be used. Just as long as you know which accessory looks and feels good. The feeling of wearing the right accessory should dictate what you wear.

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