Beacon Credit Score Explained

If you want to check your beacon score so that you can buy a house of get a loan for a business, you will need to check with all o the three credit bureaus which are Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

They each follow variations of the FICO credit scoring system. The beacon credit score is used by the Equifax bureau and this score is based on certain factors of your life including jobs, income, changes of address, enquiries and debts.

The reason that banks will want to see your beacon credit score is that they can assess how able you are to pay back the loan that they give you. This score will also determine how much the interest rate will be on that loan.

The credit scores range from 300, which is bad, to 850 which is brilliant, but most people range between 600 and 800.

To get a favorable bank loan and good interest rate, you beacon credit score must be above 750. This can save you so much money per year because of the amount of interest that you will have to pay.

The beacon score can be higher with low interest rate banks wanting you to have a beacon credit score of 640, and middle to high interest rate bank wanting a score of at least 540. A perfect score would have to be close to 850.

Even though this can be difficult to achieve, the banks do use all three models to ascertain the loan that they give. The factors that are looked at are arranged in the following percentages.

The timeline of your bill payments will count for 35 percent and includes late payments, and missed payments. Outstanding credit is 30 percent and can differ depending on how much the installments are compared to the loan amount.

By reshuffling your money, you can improve your credit score dramatically. The amount of time that your credit has been active is 15 percent and this means that you should not close any accounts if you are in debt.

Just pay them off and keep the account active. They want to see that you have been using your account for more than a year to get better credit results. The type of credit that you have counts for 10 percent so always use a reputable source and do not open too many small finance credit cards.

Acquisition of new credit can lower your beacon credit score so do not open too many credit cards in a short space of time.

If you want to assess your beacon score you can find many places online where you can do that and have the results in less than 24 hours.

You can also find calculators that will let you determine your score and help you to improve it before you approach any banks and lenders. The trick to keeping a high credit score is to only take out a loan when it is absolutely necessary and to pay it back on time.

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