Bali, an ideal destination for a yoga retreat

Beaches, adventure, spa’s, ancient monuments, world-class activities and lots more! The list to entertain and rejuvenate you at any tourist spot is infinite. But Bali, the tropical island has a warm character to offer! Bali is gifted to be a mode and a state of mind than just a place. Touched and inspired by visitors all over the world,¬†Bali creates a special vibe, ideal for a retreat of any kind..

Bali’s Essence

Pristine beaches, rice fields and coconut groves set the right mood for one to get lost in a parallel universe. The warmth with which the Balinese people treat you, will never let your mind off Bali.

An Island of traditions

With around nine sects of Hindu’s residing in Bali, the various old age healing methods has created a supreme divine aura. The people set a mood of positive energy with the traditions they hold and follow.

Therapeutic Paradise

Whether it is a Balinese massage to work on your muscles or a small yoga session by the beach, your holiday becomes a time for rejuvenation of your body, mind and soul. Set within the paddy fields, the natural hot springs are a testimony to time being still. Leave refreshed and revived.

Adventure by the side

Bringing the fun side of you out, the world-class adventure sports pumps the adrenaline in you. From snorkeling to kayaking and sea walking, there is something for every kind of person.


While you take pleasure in the beauty and offerings of Bali, yoga will be an integral part of the 5-day retreat. From working on your physical self to untangling the knots in your mind and bringing your mind, body and soul in tandem, yoga while resolve every problem, big or small. Thus, bringing the real you alive.

About Elite Yoga:

Elite yoga is a yoga retreat specialist that provide quality yoga by ensuring all our instructors are fully qualified in the most luxurious of settings, so that you can escape the winter blues to the wonders of UAE’s and Bali’s finest 5 star hotels,with guaranteed sunshine from May 2016 right through to April 2017.

Have you ever felt you need a holiday after a holiday? Feeling stressed or tired after working long hours in the city? Have you recently broken up from a long- term relationship or did you lose a loved one and want to find yourself again? Do you want to feel and look like a million dollars in a beautiful setting with the most exquisite food?

Well look no further, Elite Yoga is a yoga retreat service like no other. We make it simple, we provide the most luxurious of hotels, with the most tantalizing healthy food and door-to-door service, where our exclusive pick up service will collect you and drop you to Dubai or Bali airport without any hassle.

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