Bahamas Vacation Information

The Bahamas Islands lie only 50 miles away from the Florida Coast, far closer than any Caribbean destination. Calm blue waters and cool trade winds have given The Bahamas an international reputation for sailing, that’s why regattas and races are held every year in the Islands. Aside from sailing, what commonly attracts people to come to the islands are the abundant marine life, underwater parks, and the pristine beaches. More Bahamas Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

Brief History
The Bahamas was formerly called “Baja Mar”, a name that was bestowed on the islands by Spanish explorers. The name, which means “shallow sea”, is quite misleading because the 700 islands are actually mountain plateaus that emerged from the Atlantic Ocean thousands of years ago. The Bahamas was a British colony until 1973 when it gained its independence. Queen Elizabeth II remains the constitutional head of state.

There are roughly 300,000 people living in The Bahamas, and most of them are descendants of West African slaves who were brought to the islands to work on the cotton plantations during the early 1800s. Most Caucasian settlers are descendants of the first Englishmen who fled from Bermuda in the 1600s to gain religious freedom. Some are from the US who emigrated during the American Revolution.

There is much you can do in The Bahamas. These islands are a haven for anyone looking for a fabulous time. You can explore the natural wonders of the islands by plane, bicycle; or by surfing and scuba diving. You can also enjoy sports activities like golf or tennis, or visit the islands’ many arcades and casinos. If moving your muscles isn’t your thing, you can always laze and relax on the beach with a good book and a fine drink.

Traveling to The Bahamas
Only a few miles from the south Florida Coast, anyone can easily travel to the Bahamas either by air or by sea. Because of its proximity, The Bahamas has a long-standing popularity as the ultimate destination for the winter holidays. Take note of Bahamas all inclusive travel packages so you can get huge discounts for your planned vacation.

Where to Stay
There are various hotels available in The Bahamas to make your stay even more memorable. You can choose to stay in a beach resort where you can watch the sun set in the horizon, or in a downtown hotel where you can experience the islands’ lively nightscape. You can also save with all inclusive family vacations which many hotels offer. You can check these packages online. More Bahamas Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

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