Bad Credit Or No Credit Check Apartments in Memphis TN

Memphis TN apartments routinely conduct credit checks on applicants. This is in order to comply with local and federal housing anti-discrimination laws although they are not entirely mandated to peruse applicants’ credit. Nevertheless, an applicant trying to rent in Memphis must be prepared to have their credit examined and approval in many cases may be made as a result of this. This off course can lead to frustration for those whose credit has been ruined for no fault of their own (identity theft, divorce, foreclosure, bankruptcy or outstanding medical bills and student loans).

The fact that most apartments in the Memphis Tennessee area conduct credit checks is not an indication that all of them do, or that all of them will deny you. There are some apartments out there that are willing to work with applicants who have messed up their credit for one reason or another or those who have prior broken leases or outstanding debts with previous apartments. The apartments may just be a little difficult to locate because they do not usually advertise. Here is a list of places in Memphis where second chance apartments that either work with credit-challenged applicants or do not conduct credit checks are:

Downtown MemphisMidtownEast MemphisNortheastSouth

In order to find an apartment in Memphis that does not peruse credit or one that is lenient to applicants that have credit problems, you must work just a little harder. This may mean networking with family, friends and co-workers and see whether any of them has an idea as to where you can lease. Some may have friends who are leasing managers that will help expedite an approval. Others may live in apartments that are more lenient and they can submit your name as a referral. Another technique is to use the Internet. This is convenient because you can end up reviewing numerous complexes without leaving home. You can also read consumer reviews of the apartments and be in a position to make a more informed decision as to whether to give them a call or not. Most people will usually give the apartment a call and speak with the manager to see whether they can strike some sort of compromise before they go there. Also, once you locate the apartment, be prepared to submit proof of income. Usually this will be in the form of a job or a business that you operate that brings in a steady paycheck. Criminal background checks may also be conducted.

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