Bad credit cell phone – worry ? How to solve ?

One of the biggest problems in getting a cell phone connection is bad credit. If you want a billing type or postpaid type connection, the service provider are bound to check your credit record. It’s perfectly fair on their part as they are giving you a credit limit and must make sure that you have the ability to pay them at stipulated times. But does that mean that you cannot get a cell phone connection if you have a bad credit? Not really, you can always get a bad credit cell phone if you know how to get them.

The easiest way. Get a prepaid connection. You just pay-as-you-go. There will be no credit checks, no deposit, and sadly strict limits on your spending. But it is still the best method to get a connection if you are in really bad credit. But you have to be really careful with your talking limits because if you have no balance in your account you just cannot make a call. Except to emergency numbers that is. What more, you can also get an unlimited talk time card if your service provider has one and talk as long as you want without worrying about bills. Now on to the harder ways.

Be patient to find the best deal. Even though service providers are strict in their policy about bad credit cell phone connections, there is always a difference of strictness between various service providers. Some service providers are likely to offer better plans than the others. One such a service provider is T-mobile. They are much more reasonable in giving postpaid plans and need much lower deposits compared to other providers. They even have a family plan with unlimited night and weekends. But you should always compare all the leading service providers. This is a competitive market and everyday a new company is coming out with a new offer. So try to grab the best offer at that particular time. Keep an eye on Verizon, Alltel and Sprint.

Get someone to sign with you as a partner. If your co-signer has a good reputation in paying bills at right times and a good credit history, you are much more likely to get the deal done. The service provider can also breathe easily as they feel more secure due to the signature of the trusted cosigner. Here, the biggest problem is getting a cosigner to sign for you if you have a really bad credit. It’s a matter of trust between you and your partner.

Now comes the worst idea. Pay the deposits and get your connection. If you are willing to shell out enough and have the courage that he will be able to pay the bills in time, then do it. That way you will get what you want and if you really managed to pay the bills right, will also get your security deposit back. But let me tell you that this is the most risky idea and if you are really in a bad credit, you will most likely miss one or two bills in time and landing the trouble. So think before you act. Getting a bad credit cell phone connection is not hard but you have to choose the right option according to your position. If you ask me, the best bet is to go for prepaid connections but it differs from person to person. All I can tell you is that, the aforesaid are your biggest options you are most likely to find a solution to your bad credit cell phone problems from them.

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