Auto Insurance Fraud Scenarios

Auto insurance fraud is a big money scam that victimizes a lot of unaware drivers yearly. There are various ways that scam artists usually do this in order to get the most out of a victim’s car insurance policy. It is important for those who wish to avoid such scams to know the common scenarios that might lead to possible problems for the victim.

Swoop And Squat
This scam scenario may involve two cars. One vehicle may “swoop” in while the second car “squats” in front of the victim. The two vehicles will force an accident that will involve the victim in a rear-end collision. Both vehicles usually may be full of passengers, both to claim false injuries and be a source of intimidation for the victim. It eventually leads to the scam victim’s insurance to pay for all the costly “injuries” as well as the damage caused by the accident on the two vehicles involved.

The Drivedown
Another possible scam scenario will involve an overtaking situation. The other driver may wave the victim to drive forward to overtake. But instead of letting the overtaking vehicle in, he slams into the victim’s car. When the police arrive, the other driver will deny the action of waving to the victim to go forward.

The T-Bone
This accident scenario will involve vehicles driving through an intersection. A vehicle crossing the intersection may suddenly be hit by an accelerating car coming from a side street. The other driver usually has planted fake witnesses beforehand to concoct the story that the accident was the victims fault by running through a red light or a stop sign.

The Sideswipe
This scenario may occur when a driver is turning around a corner towards a busy intersection with multiple lanes. As the driver drifts slightly into the next lane, a car on that lane may suddenly accelerate and intently sideswipe the other car. The following scenarios may possibly happen during a fake auto accident. It is important for careful drivers to try and recognize these scenarios in order to avoid them being victimized. This will help drivers become more aware of how some scammers may be causing auto insurance fraud.

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