Attractions in London

The royal wedding may be over but that doesn’t mean that tourist’s should stop flooding to the capital of the UK. The Olympics are fast approaching, and with the queen’s diamond jubilee next year, we should see tourists flocking to the capital for twelve months at least. But why not visit the capital in a quiet period and see some of the fantastic things that the city has to offer.

The old operating theatre and herb garret is slightly grim, but gives a glimpse into the way that surgery worked in the 1800s. Before anaesthetic was used, it was where surgeons trained, and is a really interesting summary of surgeries.

If you are looking for something a little bit modern and prestigious then take a trip to Harrods and visit the food falls. There are cheeses, fish, meats and all sorts of preserves and chutneys to get the saliva flowing. Make sure you aren’t wearing trainers for your visit or you will be turned away. don’t go at Christmas either, as the queues are long and you will face disappointment. We have many more London Vacation¬†Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

St Martin’s in the fields is a church were the Hanoverian kings worshipped, but it has now had the crypt converted into a restaurant.

Museum of brands, packaging and advertising – sitting in Notting hill this houses more than twelve thousand pieces of memorabilia from all over the world, and tracks the evolution of our favourite household brands.

The ceremony of the keys at the tower of London might happen once a day but you have to buy tickets months in advance. There is no toilet and no photography, but it’s well worth the visit to see the guards locking up the treasures and buildings. It is over in a few minutes, but is one of the most historical ceremonies in the world.

Zandra Rhodes fashion and textile museum will appeal to the most creative minds, and houses a focus on designers and trends through the twentieth century.

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