Atlantis Resort Paradise Island Bahamas

Atlantis Resort at Paradise Island, Bahamas is exactly what the location says, paradise. The landscape is unbelievable with water parks for the kids and grown ups.

A lazy river ride for adults and fish everywhere, the water park is fantastic. The water park alone feels like an adventure park that should cost 50 dollars a day. There are two slides that send you through shark tanks after an accelerating ride down the slides. There is also two other water slides that are as fast as can be and will keep you occupied all day. We have many More Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.

If your looking for some open water enjoyment there are Jet Ski’s for rent on the ocean side that let you race across a crystal clear ocean.

When it’s time to relax you can sit by the beach but let me recommend staying at the Paradise Lagoon beach where a drink is just a flag wave away. The Lagoon is just large enough to be a large swim across. People enjoy the lagoon with a swim or the little paddle boats that are rented across. When your hungry for lunch take a swim or a walk and hit up the Lagoon Bar and Grill for a great sandwich or salad with an afternoon drink.

And of course do not forget the casino, after you outside adventures come in for the night for a full casino. The sports book is one of the best you will see in the islands making you think you’re in Vegas it self but much more relaxed. Of course everything is accessible using your room key so watch out; I’d recommend putting that back in your pocket.

It could take me days to write about all the shops and spas that Atlantis provides. There is no inclination to leave the resort to explore the rest of the island once you are their. The staff is very accommodating and will help out with whatever you need. If you go I recommend a massage at sunset on the beach on your first night as that will put you in the right mood for your stay. We have many More Atlantis, Paradise Island Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.