At Home Calisthenics Routine Or Join A Gym?

When the person staring back in the mirror is not what you want, you have a choice. You can do a calisthenics routine at home, or you can join a gym. I believe there are advantages to using bodyweight only exercises at home over joining a gym. Here’s why…

First The Obvious Reasons I Prefer An At Home Calisthenics Routine

There are some obvious reasons why I prefer to work out in the comfort of my own home rather than join a gym. First is the price which can be substantial. Second is convenience. Third is having to deal with crowds.

But the main reason has to do with effectiveness. I believe you should start to get in shape, lose unwanted fat and build attractive muscle using only the weight of your own body.

A Calisthenics Routine Trains Movements Most Gym Workouts Don’t

The truth is, exercise is about movement. Two movements in particular: the movement of your own body and the movement of foreign objects. Gyms tend to only focus on weight training or using machines. They don’t spend a lot of time on bodyweight only training… because it would ultimately teach people how to reach their goals without joining the gym.

Using a bodyweight calisthenics routine improves the way your body naturally moves. And you can become stronger, leaner and better conditioned in a way that translates into more real world benefits. Now, I know most of you want to work out to look better, but don’t you want your workout efforts to help performance facing the challenges of work, sport and life as well?

Bodyweight Calisthenics Are Better For Real World Improvements Than Gym Machines

In my opinion, gym machines, and the routines made up of using gym machines, are more of the benefit of the gym than the exerciser. It is an easy way for them to train a large number of people and take on more memberships than they otherwise could. But this conveyor belt style training where you go through a circuit of machines is not necessarily what you need to do to reach your fitness, fat loss and physique building goals. (How many of you have already joined a gym and NOT gotten the results you wanted?)

First of all, these movements don’t reflect movements you use in the real world. Most of the exercises are done sitting down, strapped in and using a limited movement dictated by the machine. When was the last time you did anything similar outside the gym?

Regardless of what commercial gyms would have you believe, you don’t need to join a gym to get fit, lose fat or build muscle. As a matter of fact, you can reach your goals without equipment by performing a bodyweight calisthenics workouts at home. It’s cheaper, more convenient and ultimately more effective than expensive access to a room full of shiny machines. Try it for yourselves and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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