Article Marketing Best Practices

Every business has its rules, and article marketing is no exception, so keep in mind some simple but vital pointers to the best practices in article writing and distribution.

Clarity is a must. Be concise. You need not run to terseness, but be succinct and get your message across early in the piece, ensuring that every word thereafter counts as you reinforce your case. The general rule is a word-count range of 450 to 550, but another school of thought allows 400 to 700. Either way, aim for quality over quantity; dont waffle off out to 700 words because you feel you have to, or because you think youre giving the reader more value. He wont see it like that, hell just tune out. By the same token, do not sacrifice clarity for brevity; just choose your words for impact. Make every statement meaningful.

Another good practice is to keep sentences short and pithy. They make more impression that way.
What does a real estate agent always cry? Location, location, location. Its a similar mantra with your article writing quality, quality, quality. The experts will stress to you over and over that quality of presentation matters infinitely more than quantity or accompanying images or anything else. If youre not a good writer, hire one. Its not expensive, and it makes a crucial difference to have good grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax. To be honest, mind, most people these days will overlook a minor grammatical blue, but never bad spelling.

So now to your follow-through, and you must make sure that you deliver what your title has promised. Readers go to a lot of time and some trouble surfing sites for whatever purposes, and will lose faith in you instantly if your title claim proves but a flash in the pan. Its an old maxim in business circles: give the customer what he wants and he will reward you. There are plenty more Website Traffic Help Articles Now Available on our website.

Sub-titles can be a good idea, but ensure that they only elaborate on the header and do not repeat any of the words from the title. Further sub-headings can be sprinkled through the block to break up the sections and maintain continuity if you feel that is necessary.

Another one of the best practices you can observe in article writing is to forget the sales pitch. Bear in mind that an article reader is seeking information, assistance or advice, and will quickly become frustrated if he senses that youre simply trying to sell him something. If your plan is to write barely disguised commercials, then you are probably better off going down the press release path.

A popular practice, also, is to update your writer profile with a photo, and any relevant experience. Include education, work experience and awards youve won, together with any freelance experience youve had. This may well include the fact that you are, say, a published author of short stories or poetry, as it reinforces your proficiency as a wordsmith.

If you keep in mind all these practice tips, you will do well with your article marketing campaign.
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