Army Life Insurance 101: are You Getting What You Need?

If you have recently joined the army, chances are you might be both excited and anxious about what lies ahead.  Your time spent in service will provide you and your loved ones with many great opportunities.  Housing, education and living expenses are just some of the ways in which the US army likes to take care of its own.  You will get to travel and be exposed to parts of the world that not many people get to see.

As a member of the army, you have to make many sacrifices, both big and small.  Often the last thing on your mind is your army life insurance.  Just because the army provides you with automatic insurance when you sign up does not mean that you do not need to supplement the standard cover provided by the Service members and Veterans Group Life Insurance.  Many private insurance companies offer great additional cover to members of the military.  Life insurance doesn’t come cheap, but weigh up the benefits of being well covered in event of emergency and you will see how valuable a good army life insurance policy can be.

Just because your loved ones live a comfortable life when on base, the stark realities of being deployed into a foreign, hostile environment are hard to describe to those who have never been in that situation.  It’s dangerous work, and whenever you leave home, there is a chance that you might not return.  Have you thought carefully about what will happen in the event of your death?  If you are the sole breadwinner in your family, chances are your loved ones depend on you completely.  What would happen if you were unable to earn a living?

If you have never had the misfortune to lose someone you love, chances are you can’t conceptualize the far-reaching effects of losing someone close to you.  Burying someone you love can be totally and completely devastating, and there are no guarantees as to how long the paralyzing effects of grief can last.  Is your family really prepared for an extended period where the main breadwinner has passed away? Have you even looked closely at the terms and conditions of the SGLI insurance the army provided you with?  Chances are you might be surprised at some of the gaps in coverage!  Are you covered in the event of injuries, paralysis and death?  Is your insurance coverage adequate?  What about your extended family?  You need to think about everyone who does, or will depend on your paycheck.  This includes elderly or ill parents and future events in your children’s lives. With Abacus, taking care of your life insurance needs can be as simple as signing on the dotted line.  Look us up on the web and find out more about no obligation free quote on comprehensive life insurance, kit insurance and even a free will writing service.  You don’t need an abacus to calculate the benefits of life insurance from Abacus!

Trying to plan for the worst-case scenario is never easy.  There are so many things to take into consideration, but one thing you can be certain about is that your military life insurance will prove invaluable for your loved ones in the event of your death.  Nobody wants to think about their own mortality, but with a comprehensive military life insurance plan, your passing can be made easier on those you love.

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