Are You Applying Makeup For The First Time?

These tips will help you to apply makeup for various occasions.

Whichever occasion be it, the makeup should start by washing your face using a mild cleanser which does not cause your skin to dry. The next step while applying makeup is to apply moisturiser which suits your skin.

The next step for applying makeup is the application of the concealer. These are materials which will help in hiding the circles which are present under the eyes as well as the blemishes. The colour of the concealer should be lighter than the foundation by one shade. Use your finger tip to blend it properly.

The base for any makeup is provided by the foundation. The liquid foundation which you choose must be of the same colour as the tome of your skin. Apply it by starting with dots and then spreading it on your face by using a makeup sponge.

Dust a compact powder of the same colour as that of the foundation so that the foundation is maintained.

The next step in applying makeup is to make your eyes beautiful. There are many steps in eyes makeup.

The eye shadow is available in three shades of the same colour – the dark which should be applied to upper eyelid and upper eye lashes. The medium shade should be above the dark one and finally the light shade is applied under your eyebrows. Use eyeliner as the next step in the makeup so make your eyes look larger.

The last part of eye makeup is applying mascara. This should be black for dark skinned people and dark brown for fair women.

The next step is to apply the blush so that it gives you an artificial blush effect while you are on a date.

The last step in applying makeup is to apply lipstick. Choose a colour which matches your skin tone and occasion.

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