Are Diamonds a Good Investment?

Even though the diamond industry looks very complicated on the surface, it actually is very simple. Diamonds are often associated with being precious, mysterious, magical and romantic token of love.

Purchased at the right price, diamonds most certainly retain their value; in fact they actually increase in value over time. Over the last 20 years Diamond prices have been steadily increasing. Though there is no absolute certainty it is unlikely that diamonds will ever loose their value. We have many more Investing Help Articles Now Available.

Thinking of these stones as the main part of financial or retirement investment is not advisable but when considered as a timeless and beautiful gift that symbolizes love and commitment, diamonds are an excellent investment. But if someday you have to dispose of your diamonds they will almost always be appraised by those who are found of this precious stone. The resale value of a fine stone will always yield better money. Fine diamonds will almost always find a buyer if they are offered a little under the market price.

Of all the tangible assets of investment diamonds are most advantageous:

o protection from inflation, bank bankruptcy, market collapse, currency reforms

o anonymity (no registration required)

o world-wide convertibility – diamonds are the only international accepted alternative currency which has the same value all over the world

o tax free betterment

o no maintenance costs

o very prestigious

You can also enjoy wearing diamonds in the form of jewelry. Lasting for a lifetime, diamonds are the only assets that serve as secure investment and also bring to you the wonderful feeling of beauty, luxury and passion. We have many more Investing Help Articles Now Available.