Are Daily Vitamin Supplements Necessary?

Everybody knows that vitamins are essential. You need to get them every day in certain amounts in order to stay healthy. Usually, when you eat and live healthy, you have enough vitamins in your food and do not need daily vitamin supplements.

Bad eating habits, stress, diseases, medications, alcohol and many other factors can have a big impact on your vitamin balance. You may need a vitamin and minerals supplement then. We have many more Vitamins Help Articles Now Available.

The best method to get enough vitamins is to get it from healthy sources like very fresh fruits and vegetables. In today’s world though it is often difficult to eat these foods several times a day as suggested by the physicians. Fruits and vegetables get easily bad and also loose vitamins the longer they lie around.

You would need a fresh supply of fruits every single day. Almost an impossible task unless you go to the grocery every day. In addition, fresh quality fruits and vegetables are expensive. So what can you do?

One alternative is that you freeze fruits yourself or fall back to frozen fruits and vegetables available in your local store. If done right, frozen fruits are still high in vitamins. Freezing is the more expensive way of making fruits more durable but the best. The other options are drying and canning but freezing preservers nutrients and flavor best.

When you freeze yourself then make sure you clean your fruits and vegetables carefully because freezing does not kill bacteria or yeasts, they just fall asleep. When you defrost your food later then the bacteria continue to grow.

Remove all dirt with cold water therefore carefully. Then put the food into the freezer. This should be done within hours after harvesting. The longer you wait the more vitamins get lost. Put the fruits into moisture-proof bags, get the air out of the bag and seal it properly. Maintain about 0 Fahrenheit or a bit less, but not more. We have many more Vitamins Help Articles Now Available.