Applying for Cruise Ship Jobs? Get Your Cover Letter Resume Just Right!

When applying for cruise ship jobs it’s highly important that you put some care and attention into creating and sending a first-class resume and cover letter.

This really can make all the difference to your chances and set you apart from the competition. However, just as important is how you go about applying.

A popular misconception is thinking a quick and simple way of applying is by bombarding companies with your resume in the hope of gaining work on cruise ships. However, hiring staff are extremely busy individuals and don’t have the time or the resources to look through every application they receive in this way.

Hundreds of emails are received each week from hopeful job seekers and while this may seem a much simpler method of contact than regular mail, staff are totally under-resourced to deal with them. Therefore, your application is a waste of time in most cases as it won’t even be opened let alone read. You’re also risking having your email address blocked by spam and junk mail filters.

Instead, try using a different approach. Create a well-designed and informative resume package, specifically targeted to the position you are interested in.

The package should contain a cover letter and a resume, both printed on good quality paper, as well as a clear, cheerful photograph, some copies of any certificates you have gained and your references. Send the lot by snail mail to the recruiting officer at the head office address of the cruise ship company you wish to work for.

An application like this will always receive much more attention than an untargeted emailed resume and will only serve to increase your chances of landing your dream job!

Take the time to ensure your resume is as good as possible. Don’t fill it with unnecessary information or make it difficult to read, if you do it will more than likely just end up in the trash.

By omitting the un-important information, it ensures your resume is clear, concise and gets right to the point, immediately getting extra attention, which improves your chances of getting hired.

One or two pages are sufficient for any resume and should include all your skills, any experience you have and your accomplishments. Make sure all these are tailored to the specific cruise ship job you’re going for.

Don’t forget to mention in your resume the status of your passport. This is something usually overlooked by job seekers but is an absolute necessity for anyone travelling onboard.

An impressive applicant without an up-to-date passport is no use to any cruise ship company, who may be seeking to hire staff at short notice. They won’t have time to wait around while you get it processed.

Before applying for any type of employment on cruise ships, always ensure you have your passport at the ready and mention this on your resume. It may give you an upper hand over any other applicants.

Once you have mailed your resume, don’t just sit around twiddling your thumbs waiting for a reply. Follow up your application with an email or a letter. This is often a great way of getting your resume looked at, which gives you a big advantage.

The reason for sending this follow up is to make a polite inquiry regarding your application. This clearly demonstrates that you’re interested in getting cruise ship jobs and will motivate the employer to review your application again and then make contact with you.

In your letter, don’t forget to include:

1. Your full name and address
2. When you sent your application
3. The cruise ship vacancy you applied for

Ask about the status of your application and add an extra copy of your resume.

To ensure success in getting cruise ship jobs, it’s vital to show determination and persistence. Following up your application forces the recruiters to take notice of you, thus increasing your chances of employment.

Now is the time to get started if you have not yet begun to apply for employment on cruise ships. Most companies are actively recruiting right now in anticipation of the busy weeks and months ahead.

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