AntiVirusPro Removal – Remove AntiVirusPro, it Could Destroy Your Computer

Do you have the deadly AntiVirusPro infection? What appears as a flashy and Vista-looking spyware removal tool to the unsuspecting user is instead a rogue spyware program that if left untreated can destroy your system and steal your sensitive information, such as bank account numbers and passwords.

How AntiVirusPro Scams You:

The program, once installed, will start up everytime you turn on your computer. It will flash pop-up warnings that your computer is infected, and will urge you to scan. The scan will appear to have found badware every time you run it that needs removal. The catch is, you will need to provide your credit card, and once that’s been done, there’s no turning back. Thieves will now have your information.

AntiVirusPro will also slow your computer down. It may also record your keystrokes, which means anything you type into your computer can be recorded and sent to thieves hiding behind computer monitors anywhere in the globe.

How To Tell If You Have It:

Common signs of infection with this particular spyware are slowed system performance, annoying popups, and strange new icons that you haven’t seen before. If you have installed the software already then I’m sure you’ve noticed these things already.

What You Should Do Now:

If you are an advanced computer user, you could try to delete all files with the AntiVirusPro filename on your hard drive and your registry, but errors in manual deletion can result in mistakenly deleting highly important system files. For that reason I always recommend an automatic removal tool that I have used and reviewed.

Before you risk hard drive corruption and identity theft, you must get rid of this deadly spyware. AntiVirusPro has the capability to wipe you clean. It is spreading at a magnificent rate and must be stopped, the only way to do so is by using a reliable spyware scanner. I suggest you use a free scan right now and remove AntiVirusPro.

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