Antivirus Live is Dangerous Spyware

Antivirus Live, while it claims to detect and remove spyware and infections, is actually a rogue security program designed to steal your money.  This application advertises aggressively toward you with misleading information in order to make you believe that serious threats reside on your PC.  

This software will display constant security alerts and fake system notifications letting you know that infections have been detected.  You are invited to scan your PC in order to see what parasites exist, so that Antivirus Live can remove them.  What you are not told from the beginning is that after these threats are located, you will have to purchase the full product in order to remove them.  Pay no attention to these threats. They are fabricated, and this application is not capable of detecting or removing any infection.

How Antivirus Live invades your PC

This malware, like most others, uses Trojans to enter your system.  This often happens when you don’t know it.  You may become infected when you download other programs like music and games, or visit dangerous or questionable websites.  Shared networks and spam e-mails are other common sources of spyware.

What Spyware Does

Spyware does exactly what its name implies – it “spies” on you.  These rogue security programs often track what you do when you are online.  Your search queries, the websites you visit, and even personal information may be collected so that it can be sent to third parties.  In some instances, your personal identity may be at risk if your credit card numbers and other business data are accessed.

Common signs of Antivirus Live

How will you know if your PC has become infected with malware?  There are some common symptoms that are hard to ignore.  First, you will likely be bombarded by security alert warnings and pop-up ads.  Your PC will probably become very slow or sluggish, and your home page may mysteriously change.  Other signs are new toolbars in your browser, or redirection to websites you were not trying to visit.

When you determine that you do have spyware, you should remove it at once to prevent further security violations and problems.  You may do this yourself, however it is not advised unless you are very experienced in the process.  Damage to your PC may result if done incorrectly.  To remove malware automatically, it is recommended that you use a reputable antispyware tool that guarantees to remove every trace of these parasites.

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