Anti Aging Tips

Looking younger is one factor that all of us dream. But the concept of getting aging is affecting faster than it has to come. There are so many reasons for this change in the outlook of a person. Continuous stress and strain and all the excessive or insufficient supply of nutrients and other factors can cause the process of aging attack you faster.

These following anti aging tips are proven ways to stay fit, healthy and more youthful looking regardless of how old you are. We have many more Anti Aging Articles Now Available.

There can be a huge difference between your chronological age and your biological age. Most anti aging experts agree that a 15-20 year decrease in biological age can be achieved. Some experts believe that you can turn back the aging clock even further.

1. Don’t Smoke. If you currently smoke, do everything you can to stop. If you don’t smoke, don’t start. Smoking causes premature wrinkles, especially around the eyes and mouth, and it causes skin to have a dull, dry, grayish look to it. Smoking also stains and discolors teeth.

2. Don’t Get Too Much Sun. Sun damage causes premature wrinkles, dry, leathery looking skin, and premature age spots. Use sun screen when you’re going to be in the sun for an extended period of time and use a good skin moisturizer on a regular basis.

3. Exercise Regularly. Strength training, aerobic exercise and stretching all need to be part of your exercise routine, as all three types of exercise have powerful and unique benefits.

4. Eat your fruit, veggies and nuts.

5. Take a Multivitamin/Multimineral Supplement. Taking a high quality multivitamin/multimineral supplement will ensure that you aren’t lacking in any vitamins, minerals or antioxidants that are crucial for good health.

6. Sleep at least 8 hours every night.

7. Reduce Chronic Stress. The hormone cortisol increases with stress. High levels of cortisol can cause weight gain, increased abdominal fat, and loss of lean muscle mass. While it’s impossible to avoid stress completely, there are plenty of ways to reduce chronic stress.

8. Drink Plenty of Water. Water provides a variety of health benefits. It removes toxins and waste products from your body. It carries nutrients to the cells of your body. It regulates vitamin and mineral metabolism. It helps your body metabolize stored fat. It hydrates your skin.

9. Stay away from sauces and preservatives.

10. Take a day’s break from your workout routine every week. Exercise 6 days a week. Then rest.

There are so many anti aging remedies available on the market today. The safest and the most effective method are to take herbal anti aging pills. But some are not sure on the way they are going to bring a remedy to the anti aging problem. We have many more Anti Aging Articles Now Available.

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