Anti-aging, the New Buzz Word

Anti-aging is the new buzz word. Can it be true? There are so many companies and so many claims that it is hard for the average person to sort it all out.

What exactly is aging? There are essentially 4 causes of cellular aging:

  1. Damage cased by diet, environment, smoke, etc. . These decline the way our cells repair themselves
  2. Genetic regulators. These decline as we age.
  3. Free radicals damage the mitochondria which regulates cell energy.
  4. Accumulation of damaged aged proteins can compromise cell integrity.

We begin this decline as young as our 20’s and science has found that we can greatly affect the way cells repair themselves.

Anti-oxidants can help with free radical damage but we must be careful what we buy. If the products are not adequately tested they may not even have in the tablet or capsule that is on the label. You must look for potency and bioavailability on the label.

There are a lot of products on the market that promise to be our fountain of youth. Many of these have not been adequately tested. As with medication some products have unwanted side effects as we saw a few years ago with the removal of ephedra and kava.

As a person that has studied nutrition for 10 plus years and has a certification in nutrition, I have found a company that goes above and beyond in their scientific integrity.

As far as cellular aging; Shaklee is the only company that addresses all 4 causes of cellular aging with years of research.

This product is a combination product addressing all four aging process plus has positive effects on heart health, brain function, cardio health, cellular integrity, all natural, with no artificial ingredients. This is a proprietary patented formula.

Vivix is the most powerful compound ever made to fight cellular aging. Try it for 30 days and if you do not like it I will help you get your money back . Order your Shaklee VIVIX here . If you have any questions please email me at

About the Author –

Janelle Caldwell has studied nutrition and worked with Shaklee for over 10 years. She has a certification in nutrition and is dedicated to improving health and wellness with natural products.

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