Anti Aging Skin Care: Show Me (real) Results!

“Be the envy of your friends and family: Look 20 years younger in 7 days.”

Sadly, our vanity plays into this type of marketing hype and we keep buying and trying the newest flavor of the month. Why? Because of the hope that one of these miracle creams will actually fulfill such a promise.

Most anti aging skin care products, whether purchased from the shelves of a pharmacy, a high-end cosmetic counter, or from the internet or late night shopping channels, all make similar and outrageous claims but produce little results. But we keep trying and buying, with high hopes of a more youthful complexion.

The good news is that, yes, there are actually anti aging skin care products available which do produce a more youthful appearance.

Here’s a little-known fact:

Few skin care brands include ingredients that will actually produce results. Why is that? A host of reasons, really, but primarily the most effective ingredients are often expensive. And if these expensive ingredients are incorporated into the product it may be in very small, ineffectual quantities…done more for label selling purposes.

Additionally, research is not typically a component of a well known company; a brand name often will simply ‘contract’ a lotions and potions manufacturer to create their product. Hence, the effort and money spent goes more into the packaging, marketing and retail shelf placement of anti aging skin care products.

All About Ingredients

Recent research has produced some incredibly effective and safe ingredients; those companies performing their own clinical trials often are ahead of the pack in terms of effective anti aging skin care products.

For example, this one ingredient (researched, developed and owned by a privately held skin care and nutritional company) has proven quite effective in reversing tired, aged skin and preventing additional damage:

CynergyTK TM – This ingredient contains a natural protein (Keratin) extracted from the wool of New Zealand sheep. (Sheared wool) Keratin is naturally found throughout the body, which has an important structural role in the skin.

The ability to convert natural keratin into a form that is readily-available to the skin is a recent breakthrough. Moreover, with most skincare products, the keratin has been de-naturalized through an industrial process called hydrolyzation. This involves applying high temperatures and acid to animal by-products such as hooves, horns and feathers. (Not on my face!)

Benefit #1: Stimulates collagen and elastin to grow. As collagen and elastin levels increase, wrinkles will slowly disappear; skin will regain a youthful glow.

Benefit #2: Effective in regenerating new tissue. Contains zinc protein complexes, in low concentrations, which are useful for both the repair and maintenance of the skin. Results provide reduction of fine lines and depth of wrinkles.

Benefit #3: Promotes firmness and elasticity. These particular proteins have a significant, rapid and long-term effect on the skin’s firmness by increasing elasticity and moisture retention; they penetrate deeply into the skin, supporting the skin’s natural protein structure.

Again, this is but one ingredient developed by one company. The point is, with clinical research and development, a very costly process, effective and safe anti aging skin care products are being produced, just not en masse.

Brace Yourself Against the Hype

Beautiful celebrities, fancy packing, in-your-face advertisements and commercials…all designed to sell to our emotional needs to encourage an impulse purchase.

Before making such a purchase, consumers would be wise to view anti aging skin care products objectively…focusing more on what that they are composed of and not who and how they are being marketed. Maybe do a little research before reaching for the credit card.

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