Anti Aging Skin Care- Minerals

Nowadays people are going for the natural. They prefer to buy anti aging skin care products that contains natural ingredients instead of synthetic ingredients. Natural products minimize the risk of taking in toxic substances. Below are some minerals and their potential benefits for younger and healthier skin.

Selenium has the potential in preventing cancer. Although there have been no conclusive findings that it is beneficial to skin care, there are skin care lotions that contain selenium. Intake of selenium supplement has been found to be helpful in protection against UV rays.

Copper peptide is useful in healing wounds. Many cosmetic facial creams contains peptides because of their ability to improve collagen production in the skin; thus, reducing wrinkles and fine lines.  Copper peptides also help as sunscreen or UV protection.

Zinc is an astringent, which assists in tightening pores in anti aging skin care. Numerous acne treatments today contain zinc as the active ingredient. Zinc helps fight away acne by reducing redness, swelling, and irritation. In terms of scalp care, zinc is also included as an ingredient in many varieties of anti-dandruff shampoos.

Alpha lipoic acid or ALA, is a very effective antioxidant that helps take out toxins from the skin. It is included in many topical creams as a mild exfoliant, and can be helpful in reducing wrinkles and age spots. ALA also assists Vitamins C and E in their antioxidant tasks.

Essential fatty acids or EFA’s, are essential for skin care, too. Lack of EFAs will cause chapped or dry skin. Primrose oils, are rich in EFA’s and are very effective moisturizers for the skin.

Hyaluronic acid, is a component used in wrinkle injections, and helps in forming tighter connective tissues on the skin.

There are many anti aging skin care products that contain minerals an many antioxidants supplements for antiaging. Do not waste your money buying products that are not suitable for you. Seek the advise of a dermatologist or medical professional to help you determine the right product for your skin.

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