An Effective Anti Aging Hand Cream Can Make Old Hands Look Young Again

Anti aging hand cream is as important as the other skin regimen. Your hands are subject to greater pressure during everyday routines therefore the skin care products for the hands must have the necessary ingredients.

Your hair and fingernails are made up of main structural component called keratin protein. Many skin care companies have tried using keratin protein as main ingredient of anti aging hand cream but it has been found out to be hard and not water soluble. We have many more Anti Aging Articles Now Available.

The wrong manufacturing process which supposed to make keratin soluble would actually denaturalize the protein rendering it useless. One known manufacturer, the KERATEC Company, has found a unique manufacturing process that produces keratin emulsion which can effectively penetrate deep into the skin. They called it Functional Keratin which are now used as ingredient in effective body lotion and hand cream. This functional keratin is derived from sheep wool and you may not find it commonly displayed in stores.

This wool extracting process costs too much for this company one reason why other manufacturers would rather use cheaper ingredients for their skin care products. Recent research conducted in Barcelona has discovered Functional Keratin to contain essential amino acids that help restore any skin condition including dermatitis which have inflicted mostly dishwashers due to constant contact of detergent.

The usual symptoms of dermatitis are skin wrinkling, cracking, peeling, and redness. If your anti aging hand cream can counter this condition then it can be effective for any other skin type. It has been discovered that with regular application of functional Keratin on your hands can help improve its elasticity and moisture.

I have found a body lotion that is also good for the hands. It is quite expensive if I use it on my body so I regularly apply it on my hands and noticed significant changes.

As you get older, your hands will also show some signs. Its skin will start to loosen and wrinkles start to appear. Never ignore this skin condition or it will be too late to counter it. You can use body lotion with Functional Keratin to keep your hands look younger.

These skin care products are not commonly sold in any store. You can purchase them direct from the manufacturer. KERATIC however does not sell to individual buyer, instead distribute it to companies selling their other skin care products.

For anti aging hand cream, Functional Keratin is a very important ingredient. Vitamin E can help but CoQ10 is proven more potent. You can also use honey to help heal skin damage. The other natural ingredients of high quality hand cream are jojoba wax, grape seed oil, and olive oil.

I have already tried using various skincare and anti aging products and my research showed that the best anti aging hand cream should be safe to use, effective on your skin and contain the latest breakthrough natural ingredients, get more information on my website. We have many more Anti Aging Articles Now Available.