An Easy Abs Workout

When the abdominal muscles are worked incorrectly not only are there no results seen but injuries can be inadvertently caused. An easy abs workout requires that the exercises be done correctly and are motivational to ensure that you continue to workout. There is abs workout that is fairly easy consisting of just three simple exercises that are enjoyable to keep you motivated.

The first exercise in an easy workout for the abs targets the waist and the rectus abdominus muscles. Simply lie down on your back and place your hands behind your head. Lift the blades of the shoulders off the ground as you bring the knees toward the chest. Then turn the upper body to the left brining the right elbow to the left knee as the right leg is straightened.

Once the motion is complete do the same thing with the opposite side in order to get a pedaling effect. Continue until you get tired or have completed approximately twenty repetitions. We have many more Abs Workout Routine Articles Now Available.

The second exercise in an easy abs workout is a crunch utilizing an exercise ball. An exercise ball is the only equipment required for this exercise. Position yourself on the exercise ball so that it is under the middle to lower section of the back. Place the arms crossed over the chest then move them behind the head. Pull the bottom of the ribcage to the hips as you utilize the contracting of the abdomen to move the torso off of the exercise ball.

Do not roll and keep the ball stable while the curling the body. Then return to the starting position, the stretch should be felt in the abdominal muscles. This easy abs workout should be repeated for a total of fifteen repetitions each set.

The third exercise of an easy workout for the abs is the long arm crunch which is also simple to perform. The focus is on the upper portion of the abs with this exercise and a mat is required. Get into the sit-up position on the mat, except that the arms are extended out behind the head with arms beside the ears and hands together. Lift the blades of the shoulders off the floor as you contract the abs. Do not strain and keep the arms straight. If pain is experienced place one hand under the head and leave the other arm extended. Repeat for sixteen reps.

This easy abs workout is painless and when done correctly will show amazing results. We have many more Abs Workout Routine Articles Now Available.

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